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Stop the Blame Cycle

1Current society seems to be locked in to culture of blame.  You hear the words accident  and “my bad” so often the words seem to have lost all meaning.   When you embrace the blame cycle you are giving your power to somebody else.  If you are passed up for a promotion or opportunity to you tend to hold someone else responsible? Are you resentful because everyone else has while you have not?  When you do this, you’ve given up control of your success and happiness.

Do you feel powerless?

By blaming everyone else for the things that are wrong in your world, you are reinforce the thought that you are weak and not in control of your own life.


Do you feel like a victim?

When faced with negativity do you ask the world, “Why me?” Don’t do this!   This implies that you think you did something to deserve the terrible thing that befell you.   By acting like a victim, you tell the world that you have no power.

Have you become negative?

By blaming the world and others for all of your bad luck and disappointments, you are opening up yourself for negativity.  Inviting negativity can backfire by isolating you from the positive aspect of your life.

Instead, focus on something you can be grateful for and this can turn your viewpoint around.  Take the lesson, not the loss.


Do you feel stuck?

Do you find yourself complaining or feeling frustrated over the same thing over and over? If you have, you are most definitely stuck.  It’s not hopeless. You can certainly break free.  If you are stuck do to an external trauma, seek help.  If you feel frightened or physically out of control, you can always take a self-defense class. Start forgiving and stop blaming.

We can not control the world around us, and that’s fine.  Even though you can’t control the challenges life hands you, you certainly can control how you respond.

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