Tarot Cards and Zodiac Signs

Tarot Cards and Astrology

Tools of divination are many and some can include astrology, crystal ball reading and tarot cards, to name a few. Tarot cards are something that have been around for years, and they are symbolic. There are four suits that work with the tarot cards including the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each of them are related to the elements of the earth.

There are Major and Minor Arcana groups in the tarot cards and the Major one is associated with planets and with the zodiac. You might need to use astrology when you are doing a tarot card reading and so figuring out how to combine them can be useful.

Tarot Cards and Astrology

Doing a tarot card reading can be beneficial to some but if you want to make it stronger, using zodiac with certain cards can help you to understand things more. You can also use the planets and the constellations to help you answer your life questions.

Major Arcana cards are part of your astrological signs, and this means that you need to notice when these cards are showing up and how they are related to the astrological signs. The best way to start with this is to understand the different signs of the zodiac and what they mean. Once you learn how the zodiac is related to the cards, you can understand how to incorporate this in your reading.

  • Aries

The Aries is the first of the zodiac and it is represented by The Emperor card. This is a royalty that is sitting with a Rams head. The Ram symbolizes the Aries. The person in the picture is holding the ankh, which is the symbol of life and an orb, the symbol of power. The energy of the Emperor is about taking charge and being a leader.

This sign is ruled by Mars and the Emperor is one that often is short tempered and proud. Even when he makes mistakes, he doesn’t always admit it. This is a symbol of power and having things in order and that is what the Aries likes.

  • Taurus

The Taur is represented by The Hierophant card. This is the second sign and represents thoughts, emotions, and matter. This is a card that works with the planet Venus and the same that rules Taurus.

Taurus is a sign that is stubborn but has strong ethics and values. They don’t give in when they are challenged, and they are very loyal and give great advice to those close to them.

  • Gemini

This sign is associated with The Lovers card. This is a sign that shows companionship and duality. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which is a communication planet. This is a sign that is sociable and one that can look up and work towards their intuition.

The image on the card shows that there is a pair of the tree of knowledge, and it is used to solve problems and to balance energies.

  • Cancer

Cancer is associated with The Chariot card. This card shows a crab that has a warrior in it. They have come back from fighting victoriously and the cart is being pulled by two sphinxes. This shows the ability for the Cancer to be able to be in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

This card is ruled by the Moon and is a very intuitive sign. It shows a river in the card, and this shows that the Cancer needs to learn to go with the flow. The moon is powerful and will do what it takes to protect itself emotionally.

  • Leo

The Leo sign is one that is represented by the Strength card. This card shows a female that is opening the jaws of a lion. The lady has enough strength to hold the jaws open and this shows that the Leo is passionate, strong, and loyal. Leo is ruled by the sun, and it is one sign that is impossible to ignore.

Leo is always wanting to do things new, and they trust in their own strength and abilities. They have confidence and patience, and they are able to shine through things in their life.

  • Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and they are represented by the Hermit card. This is a card that shows being by yourself and having solo energy. This is a wise card, and the picture shows an older person that is holding a light to be able to see where they are going. The lantern represents truth and knowledge, and this is a skill that is important.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and it concentrates on concentrating with oneself and not with others so that you can be healthy on your life journey, and you can take care of your own life.

  • Libra

Libra is a sign that shows scales. Scales represent justice and fairness. The Libra is ruled by Venus, and this is a planet of love and money. Libras love the arts, and they are very smart. When stressed though, Libras can be balanced by the scales of what they want and what they need.

The picture shows justice and authority and what holds you to be accountable for what is right and just. It shows that there should be peace even when things are chaotic.

  • Scorpio

The Scorpio is represented by the Death card. This card is one of the most misrepresented cards on the deck. Death can be fearful for some people, but it doesn’t normally mean a physical death but the death of something in life that needs to be changed. This card is often misunderstood just like the Scorpio iso. Sometimes you have to tear something down to make it better and this card shows foundation and energy and not something that you should be afraid of.

  • Sagittarius

The Sag is represented by the Temperance card. This card shows an angel that is moving the water with a golden chalice. It shows a foot in the water and a foot on the earth. This represents being everywhere at once.

The Sag is ruled by the planet Jupiter which means abundance. This shows that the Sagittarius wants to have everything in their life and that they can find common ground if they don’t judge things prematurely.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn is represented by The Devil card. This is another card that people want to often avoid. This card can mean that you are in a manipulative or toxic relationship but that you will have strict energy to work things out.

The Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is associated with timing and following rules. The Devil card shows that you need to make sure that you don’t put your ambitions above everything in your life.

  • Aquarius

The Aquarius is represented by The Star card. This is a sign that is a water bearer sign, and the Star card shows a lady that is by a stream. This card can mean something new happening and since the Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, it can show that they serve others.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and uses technology to make life better. This sign is about having hope and reflecting in life.

  • Pisces

Pisces is represented by The Moon card. Th is a sign that is ruled by the Moon. The moon works to guide your emotions and represents the subconscious parts of your life.

The Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which governs your dreams and creativity. There are so many things that aren’t known that the Pisces will go head first in order to learn something new.

Final Thoughts

Once you understand that the Tarot cards work well with astrology, you can use this in your readings. You can use this for relationship, career, or destiny readings. The cards can show you that you need to pay attention to what is going on in your life. Notice if the cards come in reversed that you need to look at the dark parts of your personality.