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Past Life

Understanding Your Past Life

Many people wonder when someone reincarnates if they come back as the same gender or if they come back different.

Not all people come back as the same gender and there are different ways that people can come back to the earth in a new life.

Gender does not always have to be the same and this can be decided by what has happened to you and what you have done in your past life. Some monks are thought to come back as women and even though there are more male monks than women, this happens due to culture.

Monks that were men noticed that there were very few female monks and even though it was natural for women to be very emotional, men would mediate. Women often would look at Buddha and would tell him how much they loved him, and the emotions of women were often envied by the men.

When someone wanted to connect with Buddha, they often had to act like women because the women would be longing to know him. This is why many monks wanted to come back as women in their next life.

Whatever your longings are and whatever kind of nature you have, helps to determine what you are going to come back as when you die. Some people think that it is a punishment to come back as an animal, but it is not a punishment for you.

Nature does not see this as a punishment but as a reward for you so that you could have the body that is best for you to get what you wanted in life. This is why some monks came back as women.

No matter what gender you come back as, this has to do with what you wanted and what goals you have in life. When nature doesn’t know what to do with you, it does what seems best for you. You can become back as a male or female, depending on what you need.

If you have a longing to come back as a different sex, this is inside of you, but you cannot make the decision and the universe will make this decision for you.


The determination of what you come back as in your next life doesn’t have to do with whatever gender you are now but what you want and what you want to be in your next life.

If you have a desire to be a male and you are a female, the universe might grant this to you and let you come back in your next life as a woman or a female. These desires can help to change whatever you are meant to come back as.

Learn to embrace whatever you get in your next life so that you can have what you want in the life after that and you can be happy in your body and your spirit.

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