Use These 9 Crystals the Next Time You Travel

Crystals the Next Time You Travel

Travel is a hectic time for anyone, but crystal provide you a sense of DIY protection from the stress and anxiety that can arise when going on a journey.  Even though you may be happy to take a vacation, you are still out of your element and this mineral guardian can help provide a power shield to unexpected challenges.  Although there are many crystals that could help, we have listed the nine most powerful travel aids below.

Shungite (Miracle Stone)

Best known for its ability to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are abundant in technological devices like scanner, cell phones, laptops and portable game units, Shungite is a blessing in an airport.  This intense black stone is related to the root chakra which can both heal you as well as cleanse you from negative energy.

Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Also regarded as the “Traveler’s Guardian Stone,” Malachite serves as a shield to thwart accidents and protects you from physical hazards.  This is a go-to stone for anyone who is a nervous flyer, or struggles with jet lag, as it transmutes anxiety into peaceful sensations.  Since it has connections to the heart and throat chakras Malachite is essential to helping anyone overcome feeling overwhelmed and promotes a sense of calm and serenity.

Selenite (Stone of Light)

Selenite aligns with the soul star that resides just above the crown and so it is governed by the crown chakra.  This crystal helps open your spirit to the wisdom of angels and provides you the benevolent and purifying of the Divine.  Named for the Greek moon goddess Selene, this translucent mineral promotes intuition, mental clarity, and protection from negative energies.

Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)

Aquamarine is governed by the throat and heart chakras and promotes a sense of serenity for your soul.  It helps people find courage, especially during travels by, on, or over water.  Its name stems from the Latin term “Aqua Marinus” or water of the sea.

Black Tourmaline (Master Protection Stone)

This ultimate protector is a blessing in any situation whether it has physical, emotional, or spiritual elements.  It shields the wearer from any negativity and therefore is a true traveling asset.  Aligned with the root chakra, it serves as a personal bodyguard converts negative vibrations into positive feelings of reassurance.  Use this stone when traveling to unfamiliar or sketchy places.

Hematite (Stone of Mind and Memory)

Another talisman for your root chakra, hematite provides a powerful grounding presence.  Commonly believe to provide the wearer with abundance strength endurance, and willpower, it can help anyone weather and storm and emerge feeling positive or empowered.  Hematite helps optimize memory and ensures it stays clear in the midst of chaos providing you proper perspective.

Yellow Jasper (Stone of Nurturing)

This yellow stone is ruled by the solar plexus chakra and conveys a sense of warm, sunny, joyous energy.  It helps to balance energy while protecting mind, body, and spirit.  During times of travel, it can be instrumental is preventing motion sickness.  Other benefits include bolstering confidence, mental clarity and feelings of enthusiasm.  Focus on this stone any time you find yourself missing home or the concept of home.

Howlite (Stone of Patience)

Ruled by the crown chakra, this white marblish stone has veins of black, gray, or brown lacing running through it.  Celebrated for its ability to manifest patience, self-control, and calmness, Howlite helps you overcome any internal or external anger.  It promotes a sense of relaxation and restorative sleep, which can be vital when traveling through multiple time zones.

Turquoise (Stone of Communication)

Ruled by the throat and heart chakras, this blue-green stone has been revered for generations for its able to heal and promote understanding in both thought and communication.  This powerful travel talisman protects the entire family and all your possessions from attack, loss, theft, and accidents.  Turquoise also helps travelers by attracting sincere friendships, joyful experiences, and an abundance of good fortune.