What Does it Mean to See a Rat?


Seeing a Rat

Seeing a rat can be something that people don’t want to experience. These are animals that are often seen as pests or vermin even though they really are gentle creatures. Rats are normally found in dumpsters around cities, but they are also found in art. More importantly, they can be found in your dreams.

Understanding Rats

Rats are animals that are larger than hamsters and mice and they are neutral in color. They are considered rodents and are normally seen in brown or black but are sometimes seen in white and lighter colors such as tan. Seeing a white rat can be different than seeing other rats and it is sometimes meant to mean good luck.

Rats are mammals that are resourceful, even if humans don’t enjoy seeing them and they are often found in areas where humans are. Rats are known to take what they need in order to survive. Though a rat is small, they are very powerful. Some think of a rat like they do the ant because they are good at what they do such as climbing and scavenging. Rats use their long tails for balance and their tails make them stable and able to climb better.

Rats and Humanity

Rats aren’t only seen in city streets, but many people have rats as pets. Rats can be very affectionate and if they are found in pairs, they are said to act like humans do. These animals are also used for science experiments and can be seen in medical testing facilities. Rats are also known in the witchcraft community because of their association with cool weather. The cool weather was known to bring in things such as frogs, snails, and rats.

Even though rats are known to have a bad reputation, they aren’t concerned about what people think of them and they live their life regardless of judgements. Rats do not listen to the opinions of others, and they live their best life, staying away from toxins and other things that try to keep them down.

Death and Rats

Rats are often associated with diseases and even though it is found that the diseases that were spread came form the fleas more than the rats, many people blamed the rats instead. If you happen to see a rat and you feel that your life is flashing before your eyes, it can be a time that you need to look at your life and learn to be mindful of what is going on now. Slow down and stop being in a hurry.

Rats will learn to escape from things that are dangerous and they have been known to survive things such as earthquakes and sinkings hips because they are able to predict what is going to happen. Some even believe that rats have psychic abilities.

Sometimes in the Western culture, rats are seen as something dark but in the eastern culture, they are seen as positive. The rat is part of the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of having prosperity and being smart. Rats are able to get what they need, and they have a lot of energy and social skills.

What Do Rat Dreams Mean?

Dreaming of a rat can depend on what is going on in the dream. You might meet a rat that is kind and gentle and this could mean that you have someone in your life that is there to take care of you, someone that you can depend on. A rat that is causing your problems such as chewing through your items can mean that you have a problem in your life that you don’t know what to do about it.

The amount of rats in your dreams can also have a different meaning. Is there a lot of rats or just one? If there are many, it can mean that you feel that the world is ganging up on you and that you are uncomfortable in your life. The rat in your dream can also have to do with how you actually feel about rats.

Is the Rat Your Spirit Animal?

The rat can be your spirit animal and if so, it can mean that you are dedicated to your job. This can also mean that you are part of a team and that you will work until a job that you want is completed. The rat can be a pet and this can prove that they are domesticated and that they have a good nature about them.

The rat is one that is seen as a great partner and one that will nurture you and take care of you. If you are ready for a change and the rat is your spirit animal, embrace the change and find out where life is going to take you next.