What is an Aura?

What is an Aura?

An aura is the layers of your energy that surround your body. This is the energy field that interacts with your body and the world around you. The aura regulates things in your skin and the temperature of your body.

Your aura will connect with your body and the energies outside of you and will protect you and keep you safe from negative energies.

Most people cannot see an aura but some people that are psychic are able to learn how to see auras.

The aura is part of the auric body system and it has different layers of the body. There are seven different layers, and they are all important to your wellbeing.

There are three different sections of the auric body including the physical, astral, and spiritual plane. These are the parts where your vibrations come and where your vibrations change.

With the physical plane, the vibrations are lower, and they get higher in the astral plane, but they are the highest in the spiritual plane.

Bodies and Planes

The etherical plane is in control of the mental and emotional being and the astral plane is the astral body, and the spiritual plane has to do with the etheric and celestial.

The aura works with all parts of your chakras and there are seven main chakras in your body. The chakras work together to make your body stronger and protects the organs.

The Ketheric body is part of the chakras and when you have a high vibrational frequency.

The etheric body has the lowest vibrations. All of the chakras work with the aura to keep the energy moving all around. Each of the body parts have a different chakra that led and flow the energy. There are 49 main chakras in the aura.


This works with the root chakra and is part of the physical body. The etheric gives you awareness of what is going on in your body such as physical sensations and more.

You can learn to see your aura by standing in a room with a solid wall and looking into a mirror to see if you see light around your body.

This structure of this is made up of muscles and organs. The etheric body was made before your physical body and can help you to be aware of the vibrations that your body is experiencing.

Emotional Body

This is part of the sacral chakra. This is the second layer of the aura and controls your feelings and emotions.

This is the shape of an egg and it has a different structure. This is the emotional body and can have a lot of energy that moves fast. Sometimes it is cloudy, and the color will depend on what you are feeling and how your chakras are working.

If you don’t have a connection with your physical body in this place, it can make you have fear and to be emotional and dislike things.

The Mental Body

The third body is the mental body and works with the Solar Plexus Chakras. The mental body is part of the auric body and helps you to have strong beliefs and thoughts.

This is a mental body and it helps to reflect the moon and the sun. It has to do with the Virgo and Gemini and will extend the largest in your body.

There are mental bodies that work with the chakras to give you a sense that your aura is strong or weak. The Solar Plexus will help you to block energy that is negative and will help you to have energies that will be there even when your mental health or thinking is not strong.

Astral Body

This is part of the heart chakra and has to do with your aura and how strong it is. It works with your emotions and your mental bodies and will help with your etheric body.

You will have a bridge between your physical and spiritual plane, and it is part of the heart chakra that allows you to love others and to have an open heart.

A person that is very loving has a strong light and they have strong relationships with people. These can be at an astral level and they can help you to see the energy between you and other people that you care about.

Template Body

This is the fifth body in the aura and is there to support your life and to parent your body. This part of your body helps you to be formed and has existed before your physical body.

This is a place where you are at in reincarnation and then it is a blueprint to the soul. This is part of the Throat Chakra and has different levels to help you to be strong. This is where you can have a strong vibration and where you can reach a higher and healthy state. If it is not healthy though it can cause you to have physical problems and organ problems.

Celestial Body

The sixth body is the celestial body and is part of the aura called the Emotional body. This is part of your spiritual plane and helps you to have spiritual feelings.

This is when you start to reach your enlightenment. This can help you to have higher feelings and to be made up of light. You are responsible for your spiritual existence in this plane and if you have unconditional love and trust then you will have a strong celestial body.

Most twin flames meet each other in this body and it also has to do with your third eye chakra.

Ketheric Template Body

The seventh body of the aura is the Ketheric Template body. This is where you will have universal consciousness and you will reach your mental body and spiritual plane.

This is ran by the crown chakra and can help you to connect with the divine. It allows you to have a relationship with the universe and lets you link with its powers.

This is where the soul relies on the body and you are learning and gaining new knowledge in your soul. When you get your akashic records, this is where you get the information from. The lower auric bodies contain energy, and this is the main source of power for your chakras on each level.