What Is Your Spirit Animal?


       It’s easy to figure out your zodiac spirit animal.  Whenever you had a dream, vision or encounter with an animal that spoke to your soul, chances are they’re your spirit animal. Not quite sure you’ve met your zodiac spirit animal? I can help you with that! Just search for your Sun sign below to discover the spirit animal of your sign.

Aries the Ram

Your animal is the Ram. Experience reverence for your sacred animal at Luxor/Karnak, Egypt to see their regal statues. The fearless Ram is relentless as he protects those he loves. The Iroquois relate the Turtle while the Chinese relate the Pheasant or Dog to Aries.

Taurus the Bull

Your zodiac spirit animal is at least 17,000 years old. The bull (or cow) star known as Taurus today appears in Lascaux cave. With determination, no one can stop you, yet you are also a nurturer. You are also known as the Venus Dove.

Gemini the Unicorn

You’re the twins, Castor and Pollux. They’re brothers who love and support each other so deeply, knowing “all are one.” Unicorns are also tied to your sign. They’re a symbol of a pure horse with a pair of eyes that see separately but come together through the single horn. Also dogs, as perfect partners, are Gemini zodiac spirit animals.

Cancer the Crab

Crab Cancer loves water and silent peace. They’re tenderness inside a protective shell. Great chefs are often born under this zodiac sign. The Iroquois relate the Swan with Cancer, while the Chinese relate the Sheep to Cancer’s zodiac spirit animal too.

Leo the Lion King of the Jungle

Most Leos know they’re “Lion, King on the Jungle.” Leo nurtures children, along with creative imagination. The Native American Mic-Mac saw the Chickadee and Robin as zodiac spirit animals related to Leo too.

Virgo the Bird

You are the sign of the goddess of the harvest. Bread and wine are delivered through Virgo as the sign that ends the gestation period. Virgo’s zodiac spirit animals include Crow, Horned Owl, and the Blue Jay. The Chinese associate Deer and the Snake with Virgo too.

Libra the Wolf

Lupus/wolf is related to Libra. He’s the humans’ first loyal friend. Libra is also associated with the beautify young dove and the wise elder owl. The Chinese associate the Badger with Libra’s zodiac spirit animal too.

Scorpio the Scorpion

Your constellation is pre-historic like Taurus the Bull—your opposite sign. “Heart of the scorpion,” Antares is fiercely loving.  It beautifully screams its protective care like one of its goddesses, Tina Turner. Yet it’s also related to great healers—Ophiuchus and the earthy Centaur. The tail of the Serpent and the tail of the Scorpion represent healing medicine as well.

Sagittarius the Horse-Man

You’re not only the sign of the Horse-Man but like Scorpio, you’re the sign of the Great Healer with his Serpent of wisdom. In addition to that, you are the high-flying eagle with a great overview of life, or the swan/shaman. To the Pima, you are clever Fox, while the Maya saw you and Scorpio as the Crocodile. The Chinese saw Tiger Tail, Leopard, and Griffin as your zodiac spirit animals too.

Capricorn the Sea-Goat

The ancient Sea-Goat is another constellation that is pre-historic, representing humanity evolving from sea to mountain top due to its search for new knowledge and accomplishment, all the while carrying ancient wisdom. It’s no mistake that the wild, wise Dolphin also represents Capricorn. To the Chinese, you are also the Bat—reborn every day from the womb of the cave/Earth.

Aquarius the Fish

The ancient Water-bearer measured the depth of the Nile, feeding Egypt for a year. Aquarius relates to the intuitive/charismatic Southern Fish, the fiery, eternal Phoenix, and the winged Horse too. The Chinese saw the clever Rat, the Swallow (representing freedom, hope, and loyal love), and the Porcupine, representing joy, playfulness, and recovery from grief.

Pisces the Fish

Present-day Pisces is the Fishes joined by the Sacred Knot of love. Its zodiac spirit animals include a connection between the soaring horse, Pegasus, and Cetus, the loving whale/sea monster who carries the memories of humanity. The Chinese associate Pisces with the Wolfs, Roman, Romulus, and Remus too.