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Why are Some Aspects of a Reading Not Coming True?

Why are Some Aspects of a Reading Not Coming True?

Psychic readings serve their purpose, especially when you need to unburden the mind and declutter the soul. Some go to the psychic often to help understand the next steps or pathway in life, but when a prediction or two does not come to pass, disappoint reigns. This brings so many questions to the forefront about the initial predictions.

Free Will

When receiving a psychic reading, it is with the expectation that the predictions will come true, but few remember that the future is never set in stone. While certain elements in our lives are consistent, like eye color, our children, or even a soulmate, free will can change the course of other things.

Psychics are able to see the current path and explain where you are going in the future if the path remains the same. However, some people unknowingly change their own paths without being aware that a divergence can have major repercussions. In some cases, the outcome will still be the same, but in others, an entirely new future has been determined.

Simple choices that are made following a psychic reading can alter your path because you have chosen to change directions thinking that the reading has determines the path, when your choices are actually shaping the future. However, just because your choices changed, it does not mean your path will not come back to where it was predicted, it may just be in a different manner.

Some recommend a reading every 3 months because of the changes that free will can bring about. With consistent readings, the future becomes more predictable because most people stay pretty consistent on a path for at least three months before making choices that could alter the path.

Lack of Contribution

We are in charge of our own futures, but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. The future will not unfold as we want if wrong choices are made or a path is chosen that leads us away from it.

Most people go to psychics with love or career questions. When the questions are career focused the person is often ambitious and driven in their work environment, looking for reassurance that all the hard work will eventually pay off in the long run. On the other hand, those who want a promotion or better position, but are lazy and unmotivated, will make choices that do not lead to the future they desire unless they change their path.

While a spirit guide can nudge us toward the best possible life, free will allows each person to decide where life will ultimately take each of us. We are in control of many things in destiny and on the life path. While each of us is in the driver’s seat of life, a psychic can predict which roads should be taken to reach the point we desire most.

When seeking the help of a psychic, begin with an intention of being a proactive member in the pursuit of the dreams you desire. Ask the questions about the path that will move you forward in your goals or about the changes that are needed to make yourself stand out on the path.

Finally, keep in mind that the universe is not on a deadline for your life. While the future may be keeping in line with what a psychic predicted, it is unlikely to happen overnight. Be patient. Many of the happenings that we wish to manifest will take time to unfold, so we must stay the path and wait. Even when a psychic reading is clear, exact timelines are nearly impossible to see on the timeline. Some predictions will naturally take longer to come together, things like a new home or a long-term relationship.

It is beneficial to understand that you may not yet be ready for what is to come and while it may be part of the future, it will not arrive until other things have happened first. This means there is no reason to stress over predictions that have not come to pass.

Learn to relax and simply enjoy the ride of life, staying focused and even excited about what you know will be coming at some point. There is no need to worry when the future is bright.

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