Zodiac and Numbers

Zodiac and Numbers

The zodiac sign is associated with both planets and numbers. There are different meanings for these things. Numerology and astrology run together, and they can work with the zodiac for you to understand things about your life.

There are 12 different signs in the zodiac and there are 9 planets in the solar system. Some of the signs share the same planet. Numerology is when someone studies the importance of numbers and what they mean. Some numbers can tell you more about who you are and about your past, present and future.

  • Number 1

This number can mean something new and a new beginning. It can mean courage and enthusiasm and it can also mean innovation and leadership.


Leo works with the number 1, and it can mean being a good leader. You can have a lot of energy when you decide to take action. This sign also means that you like to take risks and you have courage to reach your goals.

  • Number 2

This number can mean peace, being a good partner and having balance. It can bring unity into action.


Cancer and the number 2 work together. They are more than emotions and they can use their intuition to make things happen. This number can unite people together and bring peace. It is a sensitive sign and can be creative.

  • Number 3

The number 3 is a creative number and works with both the number 1 and 2. It is a curious and a number that wants to learn.


The number 3 works with the Sag sign, and it means that you take action and that you are ready to learn lessons that the world wants to teach you. You can learn from education and from other things and you will have an impact on humanity.

  • Number 4

The number 4 means a strong foundation. This also means divine energy and being practical.


This is a number that is hard to understand sometimes because they are people that are misunderstood. They look at things and they are creative and innovative.

  • Number 5

This is a number that means movement and risk taking. It is an exploratory number and uses the five senses.


The Gemini sign and the number 5 go together. This is a communicating sign and someone that can work through their moods for the good. It is someone that can communicate and that can take care of things that need taken care of.

  • Virgo

The Virgo is one that can change their thoughts and feelings often and someone that can forgive easily in relationships.

  • Number 6

This is a number that means support and to nurture. It is a warm and compassionate number.


The Taurus is one that is in love with pleasure, and it is one that benefits having nice things. They like to support and nurture others.


This sign is one that loves beautiful things and is compassionate and harmonious. They are an air sign and one that brings harmony and wisdom.


This sone is an attraction sign and wants to have clues to attract other people and they love material things.

  • Number 7

This is a number that means reality and that brings the past into the future.


This sign is one that is gifted, and hat loves the universe. They want to bring space and earth together and they love water, creativity, and mysticism.


This planet is a spiritual truth planet and wants to change the idea of living to a new perspective.

  • Number 8

This number is a secure number and means strength and financial security.


This sign is one that can use tools to reach their goals and dreams. They love to create and love to dream.


This planet is one that wants to see order and growth. They are dedicated to reaching their goals.

  • Number 9

This number means to change and to transform. It is associated with psychic gifts, love and tolerating others.


The Aries is a sign that is passionate and desirable. They want to make the world a better place. They can develop this tolerance and they will meet people along the way that they want to be with.


This is a planet of passion and desires. It likes to take action and to use its energy wisely.


This is a sign that is strong and has unconditional love. It changes the way that you connect with people and uses the idea of Pluto.


This is a changing planet and means rebirth and knowledge. It is evolving through experiences. Pluto rules over death and this can mean physical or spiritual death.

Final Thoughts

Numerology and astrology work together to help you to understand how the planets influence your personality and who you are. Evaluate your decisions and your life and find a plan that will work out for you the best.


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