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7 Signs that Show How Much Trust You Have in Your Partner

7 Signs that Show How Much Trust You Have in Your Partner

Does it feel like suddenly you are becoming increasing suspicious of your partner?  Have these doubts begun to negatively impact your union?  Trust issues can arise for a number of reasons and make your reasoning skills murky.  You can easily notice that you are beginning to encounter a trust issue in your romance if you seek advice about your relationship problems with a close friend or family member instead of discussing them with your partner.  Although this may be soothing in the moment, when you fail to discuss your concerns with your partner, you are only serving to widen the breech between you.

Try to avoid overthinking the situation.  Once you go down that road, there is a tendency to make flash decisions that might not always be in your long-term best interest.  Take care to be mindful about your thoughts and actions or else your relationship might sustain lasting damage.  This is due to trust being rooted in feelings rather than thinking.  Therefore, if you have been hurt by broken trust in the past then you are more likely to be more guarded in future romances.

If you can’t shake a feeling that your significant other isn’t being honest with you it is important to breathe and take a step back.  Center yourself and trying to look at the situation objectively and with as little judgement as possible.  When you have a clear mind, you will be able to hear your inner wisdom better and take positive steps towards healing any hurts within yourself or in your union.  However, we can all use a little help from time to time.

Here are seven signs that help you see the amount of trust in your relationship:

  1. Was your first impression favorable?

Think back to when you first met.  What were your initial thoughts and feelings?  At the point of meeting your gut instances are the sharpest.  If you felt peaceful and open, then this is your spirit telling you that this person is worthy of your trust.  However, if that cute girl gave you an uncomfortable sensation that you overlooked because they were so attractive then this is a major warning sign.  Often when physical vibrations overtake us, we can mistake this for physical attraction and thus ignore glaring warning signs.

  1. Does you partner allow you to explore the health of your relationship as individuals and as a couple?

Healthy trust is built on dialogue and shared experiences.  If one member of the couple is hurting than both partners must work to address the underlying issues and heal them.  If you feel like something is amiss it probably is.  If you can’t talk about these fears openly and honestly than this could be a flag that your trust has been broken.

  1. How does your body respond to your partner’s touch?

When your partner suddenly enters the room how do you feel?  If they come in for a hug or a kiss do you lean in or bristle for what is to come?  Noticing your comfort level around your partner is key to understand your level of trust with them.  If your body is able to relax, especially to a point that you are complete at ease, then that is a very hopeful sign your relationship is healthy. But if your stomach flips or your muscles become rigid then pays close attention.  Frequently, we when we are fighting to cling to a relationship, we will brush off subtle, yet vital closes that our intuition is telling us that something is wrong.

  1. Pay attention to any red flags

Again, look at your relationship objectively and especially your earliest days together.  If you begun your affair with linger doubts, but ignored the warning signs then these red flags are bound to surface at later dates.  You must be able to talk about any concerns with your partner first in order to strengthen your bond, otherwise you are bound for heartache.

  1. You can easily believe what your partner tells you

You might be having some doubts currently, but are you able to get out of your head and back to reality?  Think about your typical interactions with your partner.  When they tell you something are quick are you to fully believe them?  How to do you feel when they come home late and tell you that the boss had them work overtime again?  If your gut tells you that what your partner is saying is valid and true, then it probably is.  Yet, if your partner has a history of being caught in a lie and has not been while to own up to and alter their behaviors, then believe that trend as well!

  1. Is your partner a steadying force in your life?

Having a consistent partner is a key sign that they are worthy of your trust.  Having a typical rhythm to your love can go a long way in building trust.  Knowing that they regularly call or text you, as well as having standing date nights can help you make peace with a jarring occurrence.  When behavioral patterns suddenly change you need to pause and assess what caused this change.  You both must have open and honest dialogue to understand expectations.  If feelings get bottled up then mistrust is allowed to breed and thrive.  Get out of your head and get talking with each other.

  1. What are your Communication Patterns?

When communication breaks down then even the strongest relationship can become unhealthy.  If you have noticed a lapse in communication, but have a history of easy and meaningful dialogue then you have a little work to do, but things can be repaired in time.  But, a history of closed doors and closed lips signals that some mistrust is there.

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