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Intuitive Traits

Intuitive Traits

Do you ever ask yourself if you could be psychic?  There are people that know that they have special abilities and there are people that show that they have intuition.

What is an Intuitive?

When you think of someone that is intuitive, you automatically think about them being psychic.  These people have different traits such as:

  • Finding meanings from symbols and signs.
  • They know things without any real proof.
  • They are very sensitive.
  • They go with what their inner being is telling them.
  • They trust themselves to make a good decision.

Everyone has some types of intuitive power and this is not a skill that is only for certain people.  This is part of a normal personality even though some are more intuitive than others, but this can be because of practice.

A person that is intuitive will know that they have feelings and they will open themselves to know things.  Here are ways you can tell if you are an intuitive person.


The first thing is that an intuitive person can recognize symbols and use them to understand a pattern.

Logic or Analytical

There are things with logic that are not always easy for people to understand.  This includes different patterns and different concepts.

Studies show that people that have high intuition can recognize patterns as a system and they can use them to arrive at answers to different problems.  The brain has part of the analytical thinking and this is part of having pattern recognition.

Recognizing Different Patterns

Being able to recognize different patterns involves having input from different areas.  This can be associated with different ideas and is often found in people that are very creative.  A person that is intuitive might experience things like:

  • Being able to discern what people are thinking.
  • Able to read body language.
  • Can see red flags.
  • Knows warning symbols.
  • Can tell if someone is fake.
  • Understands when something is not right under the surface.
  • Can tell things about their surroundings.
  • They are creative and can express things in numbers.
  • Can recognize patterns.
  • Have creative ideas.

Knowing Things

Another thing that an intuitive person has is that they can figure out things and know things.  They are inspired to do things on the right track and even when they have information, they have a hard time explaining where it came from,

These types of people get messages and they don’t have a reason where they came from.  They think about things and sometimes the things happen.  They seem to see a lot of coincidences.

Being Different

When you have a different type of sensitive and things that set you apart then you might be intuitive.  If you can pick out the emotions that other people are feeling, then this can mean that you can feel their vibes.

Things like anger and sadness leave a certain feeling in the air and if you are an intuitive, you can take these energies and understand them, even if they are someone else’s feelings.

You might have other intuitive that can sense that you have these gifts, but you tend to stay alone because people that are highly intuitive often are introverts.

You are easily addicted to things and you suppress your feelings.

Gut Feeling

Intuitive usually go with their gut feeling on things even when it doesn’t seem logical.

You might know when someone is about to call you or when someone is showing up at your house.  There are times when you already know what someone is going to say when they call you.


Being an intuitive means that you trust your intuition and you are able to make specific calls on things.

When you are in relationships with people, there are only certain people that you will be able to trust and let into your circle.  You will follow what feelings you have, and you will know where you need to go if you want to meet someone for your life.

You don’t always have to have an alarm to wake you up in the morning and you are always listening to what your spirit guides tell you.


We live in a world where it is hard to explain things such as intuition.  When you do explain it, it sometimes is hard for people to understand.

Being an intuitive means that you are getting guidance from your spirit guides and that you believe in the universe to give you answer.  Scientists believe that this is not real, and they believe that you are basing things on evidence and that brings forth a challenge for intuitive.  This stays being a mystery to many in science.

Do you have strong intuition?  If you are, be prepared to feel things and be prepared to be highly successful in your life.

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