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Are You Sad or Is Your Aura Just Blue?

Aura Just Blue

Your aura is your energy shield that surrounds you and it is always changing colors. This represents the experiences and feelings that you have. There is a style that comes with your aura and when you want to heal it, you have to understand the energy and the colors behind it.

The aura is made up of different energies and these energies are attracted to your style and your colors. The style of your aura can mean that you can be guided to reach your best self. As you change your energies and your field around you, you will see that your aura style will change.

Blue Aura

A blue aura is one that allows you to balance your energy. When you have low vibes, your color can be blue. This can also happen though when you are:

• Relaxed.
• Easy going.
• Don’t want to be bothered.
• Happy.
• Comfortable.
• Plain.
• Fashionable.
• Stylish.

Having a Blue Aura

If you have a blue aura, here is what your style should look like:

  • Wear: Blue jeans and blue clothing.
  • Listen: Listen to music that flows and gets you in a good mood.
  • Clothes: Clothing like jumpsuits and terry cloth items.
  • Watch: Find shows on Netflix that are full of mama energy and that show people being kind and loving.

Final Thoughts

No matter what color your aura is, there are things that you can do to increase your aura energy and help you to feel good about who you are and what your life has for you. Find ways to cleanse yourself and to make sure that your aura is strong.

Remember, your aura will pick up the energies of those around you and so make sure that you are around people that are positive, fun, and energetic. The whom you give and the more you show off who you are, the happier you will be and the brighter your aura will be.

Understanding a Chakra Reading


A chakra reading is one where your psychic can tell you when your chakras are blocked and if they are healthy or not.

What is a Chakra?

A chakra is the energy center in your body. They are a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” These wheels of energies protect your mind, body, and soul. They protect your organs and other parts of your body with 114 energies that flow.

As your chakras are opened, you will have more energy that will go through your body. This energy will flow through you, and it will help you to be more positive.

Seven Chakras

Here are the seven chakras:

  • Root chakra: Found at the base of the spine.
  • Sacral chakra: Bottom of the belly button.
  • Solar Plexus chakra: Between the belly button and ribs.
  • Heart chakra: Middle of the chest.
  • Throat chakra: Found in the throat.
  • Third Eye chakra: Found between the eyebrows.
  • Crown chakra: At the top of the head.

Getting a Chakra Reading

How do you get your chakras open? You will talk to a psychic or a therapist and they can help you to understand how to keep your chakra points strong. Before you do your chakra reading though, you need to get a good rest the night before and make sure you are relaxed.

As your reading begins, you need to relax and let the reader understand your body. They will ask you questions and find out if you are stressed and why. They can help you with your mind, body, and spirit.

As you sit and are relaxed, they will use their hands to scan your body and find out if your chakras are opened or closed. They will be able to connect to your energies and they will know if you have imbalances. They may ask you to do some moving or light exercises.

This kind of session can last up to an hour but is sometimes shorter. You should be completely relaxed when this happens and you will see that as your energies move, you will feel better. You will know when your chakras become unblocked.

How Does Chakra Therapy Help?

As your chakras open up and your energies flow, you will see that your body will be stronger. You will feel less anxiety and you will feel more confident. You will know who you are and will be able to feel and understand your own emotions.

Some psychics will allow you to call in and get your chakra reading over the phone. This can happen because of the good technologies. Chakra therapy can be interesting and can help to heal your body and your soul. You can prepare at home for your chakra reading and find that it can keep you strong and healthy.

How to Get a Yes or No Answer

Yes or No Answer

Are you a beginner when it comes to talking to a psychic or getting a reading? There are some tips that you should do and should avoid when you are getting your own reading.

Things to Avoid

There are some things that you need to avoid when getting your own reading. The first thing to not do is to make sure that you don’t get stuck with asking the same question over and over again. This can cause you to get confused. Once you get your first answer, you need to stick with it.

The first answer that you get is the one that is the right answer. By asking the same question over and over again you will find that you aren’t getting a trusted answer.

Practice, Practice and Practice

You won’t increase and develop your psychic gifts the first time that you try them out. You will need to keep practicing and keep your mind open. You won’t be able to make things happen right away and you won’t have the best gifts in the world when you first start.

Keep practicing and even if you think that you are good, practice again.

Different Psychic Exercises

Here are some psychic exercises you can do so that you can get answers you need:


Here is how to use a pendulum:

  • Find a piece of string that is about 7 inches and tie something weighty like a nut, bolt, or key to the bottom of it.
  • Hold the string between your forefinger and your thumb and let the weighted item swing.
  • Ask yourself a yes or no question.
  • If the weighted item swings up and down, you have a yes answer.
  • If the weighted item swings back and forth then you have a no answer.

Blinking Method

Here is how to do the blinking method:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax your eyes.
  • Ask yourself a yes or no question.
  • Let yourself blink.
  • If your eyes blink twice then the answer is yes.
  • If your eyes blink once the answer is no.

Telepathic Numbers

Here is how to use the telepathic number method:

  • Ask yourself a yes or no question.
  • Think of a number 1, 2 or 3.
  • Whatever number comes to mind, remember it.
  • If the number was 1, it is a no.
  • If the number was 2, it was a maybe.
  • If the number was 3, it was a yes answer.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best ways that you can get your yes or no answer. You don’t even have to talk to a psychic to get the answers you are seeking, and you can try these methods on your own.

As you practice and work towards getting your answers, you will see that you are developing your psychic gifts.

Keep practicing these exercises and you will get good at seeking the psychic world for your answers. Enjoy and keep practicing.

When an Avoidant Personality Loves You

Avoidant Personality

Are you constantly asking yourself if he loves you or if he doesn’t? If this is happening then chances are you are dealing with someone that might have an avoidant personality. This can be someone that doesn’t seem to have the emotions that you have and someone that loves you one minute and doesn’t seem to love you the next.

Do these people play hard to get? Chances are the answer is no and that they really are just emotionally unstable. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings for you or that he doesn’t love you, it just means that he is that kind of personality. There are around 2% of people in the United States that are avoidant personalities. This is a person that is shy, sensitive, and anxious. They often are diagnosed with a personality disorder.

What is an Avoidant Personality?

Someone with this personality will have a hard time in relationships because of their fear of intimacy and love. There are two different kinds of this personality style including: fearful avoidant and dismissive avoidant.

People that have fearful avoidant personalities often have a hard time letting people in their lives. The person with the dismissive personality disorder will be someone that doesn’t show emotions or someone that is always independent.

It can be hard to deal with people of either of these personality styles and there are signs that you can find out if the person loves you or not, even with this personality. These signs can show you that the person has the ability to show you love even if their love language is different than you. Once you can recognize the clues, you can figure out if you can continue in the relationship or not.

Before you think that this relationship is over, some people just aren’t able to love like you do. They express their love differently than other people.

Signs He Loves You

Here are some signs an avoidant personality loves you:

Putting Up a Wall

Some avoidant people will put up a wall and will be hard to have intimacy. They seem to have no emotion and they will avoid love. They will have a hard time being vulnerable and when they do show this, it means that they are loving you.

Like Minded

Most couples want someone that thinks like they do and when you are with an avoidant person, they will try to keep up with you by being like you are. They will not admit this, but they will try and cope with what you want from them.


This kind of person will be independent and they will not like to have help form you. The more dependent they become the more they are opening up to you.

Love Language

You cannot expect an avoidant person to love the same way that you do. They might not text you like you want or they might not respond but when they do they are putting in an effort.

Hidden Cues

Pay attention to hidden cues from this personality type.  Maybe they are holding your hand or showing you affection. This can be the right track.

Listen and Look

Don’t get frustrated at this personality type and avoid judging them. Try to say what you want out of them but make sure you are being kind and open.


A person that loves you will tell you how they are feeling. If they are in a stressful situation, an avoidant person will usually keep it to themselves unless they are getting close to you. Then, they will open up and rant to you.

Making a Move

When a guy seems to be playing hard to get, it can be confusing. A person that is an avoidant will fear being rejected and they will be insecure. This means you might need to make the first move.


An avoidant person will have a hard time bonding with you. They will not have the emotions to show you what they feel. Let them have time to open up to you slowly.


If you want to stay with this person, chances are that you need to have couples therapy. This can help you to connect with each other. They will be able to open up more when they are put on the spot by a therapist and this can be healing in your relationship.

Therapy can help you to have a deeper relationship with an avoidant personality and if you put the effort in and they are trying too, give them a chance. Sometimes they don’t do good in romantic situations and sometimes they can work through things and make it happen.

Make Them Miss You

Here are some ways that you can make an avoidant person miss you:

Give Them a Break

Give them a break and some time away from you. Sometimes they feel smothered, and they need to have someone that will give them space.

Find a Hobby

Find a hobby that you love to do and do it on your own. If he needs time to get away and escape, you do it by doing your own thing. This will make him miss you.

Addictive Feelings

Make him want you and do things that makes him think about you. Cook for him and give him small gifts. Don’t overdo this thought.


Build trust with him. Do this by being vulnerable even if he isn’t. Find things that he can tell you and keep his secrets.

Hold On

Take time to hold on. Don’t go after him and don’t overwhelm him. If he needs space, hold on and give it to him.

Make Plans

It can be hard for an avoidant to make plans so you make them. Plan something and then tell him about it so he will commit.

Know Their Triggers

Pay attention to his triggers and avoid setting him off. Let him know that he has a safe place to go and that he can open up to you without you getting him upset.

Comfortable Place

Be a comfortable place for him to go when something is wrong. Be open hearted and open minded to him. Avoid judging him and being in his personal space when he needs a break.

Final Thoughts

If you are with someone that is an avoidant personality, they can still love you but this is on their own terms. You have to remember that people are not going to always be like you. If you want to be with him, read the signs above and give him the space he needs. You might have the best chemistry in the whole world but you need to realize who you are dealing with and what you can do to make it work.

When You Attract Guys that Can’t Be Fixed

Attract Guys that Can’t Be Fixed

Do you ever wonder why you seem to attract men in your life that are toxic and that seem to be broken? You feel that you have a sign over your head telling all of the broken men to come your way. Why are you allowing these kinds of men to come to you? You might even ask yourself over and over, “why do I attract these kinds of men?”

Why You Attract Guys that Can’t Be Fixed

Here are some reasons you attract toxic relationships:

  • You Have a Low Self-Image

When you are insecure and you don’t think much about yourself, chances are that you will attract the same to your life. You might think that you don’t deserve to be loved and the way that you treat yourself allows others to treat you the same.

You show how insecure you are by how you talk about yourself and by the value that you give your life. Toxic men are attracted to women that aren’t sure about themselves because they know that these are the women that will validate them and raise up their self-esteem.

  • Always There

Men want women that are hard to get and so when you are always there for someone, they will attract to you in a negative way. Being there for someone all the time allows them to take advantage of you. This can be negative in your relationships and can sometimes even lead to abuse and being used.

If you are there for someone that doesn’t treat you well, you are allowing them to put their toxicity on you and to not show that you mean something.

  • Boundaries

All relationships need to have some kind of boundaries. If you have no boundaries then you are letting people offend you and walk all over you. Even good relationships have to have boundaries and you need to always set these.

Don’t compromise on what you believe in and don’t let someone come across and take advantage of you.

  • You Don’t Know What You Want

You need to figure out what you want in your relationships and get it.  If you want to just have someone to have sex with, so be it, but if you want a commitment, don’t give into guys that don’t want to go a step further. You should never feel bad for setting goals and standards for what you want.

  • Broken

Some women are broken in their emotions and therefore they attract people that are the same. If you have been with other partners and your heart was broken, chances are you haven’t moved on.

Men that are toxic are attracted to this because they think that they can treat you how they want and that you will stay with them.

  • Past Relationships

Some people have past relationships that were very bad and they seem to get stuck in a rut. If you are with someone that has abused you in the past, you cannot get back into this. You have to expose what you have went through and don’t let more damage come into your life.

  • Fixing Things

There are women that just want to fix others. If you are that person and you want to fix someone and that is why you are with them, run. Don’t try to be with someone that is broken because you think that you can make them someone else. You are not going to change someone.

A person that is damaged will want your attention but that doesn’t mean they will change their terrible ways. Don’t let them trample over you and make you think that this means love.

  • Setting Hopes

You should always have high hopes and expectations when you get into any relationship. But if you are hoping to marry someone and they are not there for you then you need to move on. Don’t just have sex with someone to meet your desires when you want a commitment. Make them commit to you first.

If you are the one always giving and they are not, this can mean that they aren’t committed to you and that they don’t care about your relationship.

  • People Pleaser

If you are a people pleaser, then chances are that you are in a relationship with someone that can be toxic. Don’t keep going the extra mile to make sure other people are happy while you are there miserable.  Dating toxic guys can get you stuck in a place where you aren’t getting your needs met. Pay attention to who they are and how they treat you and then go from there. If it isn’t working out for you, move forward and find someone that is giving you what you want.

What Does 2-22 Mean in Numerology?

2-22 Meaning

February 22 is a powerful day in numerology. 22 is called a Master Number and this means that there is energy that is strong. This number can mean power and when you add a second number like a 2 or a year like 2022, you will see that the power of this number can be strong. This number can mean sensitivity, psychic energies, and empathy.

What Does February 2 or 22 Mean for You?

If you were born on February 2 or February 22, this can mean that you are a practical person. You are probably realistic, and you will design something and then build it. You will change the world. When you want to help other people by making the world better, you will do that.

Chances are that you were born an empath and you are sensitive. You are probably someone that has strong intuition and strong psychic gifts. If you let the number 2 or 22 guide you then you will see that you are a Master builder.

The number 2 can mean that you are part of a team. It can mean that you are a healer and that you are able to be in a partnership with others. This number can mean that you are kind, loving, nurturing and that you have strong energies. It can also mean that you are strong, forgiving, and cooperative. The two can mean that you are committed and that you are peaceful, and you want to see the world have harmony.

Using Your Intuition

The 2 or the 22 can mean that you have a strong inner being. It can mean that you are understanding of who you are. You can have strong healing qualities that can help to make your mind, body and soul strong.

If you are about to see this day come, you need to use your psychic gifting to help you to live a better life. You can keep your intuition strong and use this day to meditate and to reach into your powers. Use your tools of divination such as your crystal ball or your tarot cards on this day so that you can become one with the universe.

Being sensitive is a great gift and if people tell you that you are too sensitive, embrace that. Don’t let it hurt your feelings but see it as the gift that it is. People that are sensitive have stronger gifts than those who aren’t, and you should be thankful for this.

Astrology and the Number 2

In astrology, the number 2 is associated with the moon. Since the moon is a feminine energy, it can mean that you are not exactly strong but that you are full of truth. You can use your feminine energies to give you power. Think on the goddess of love and the goddess of volcanoes.

Master Numbers

Master numbers have strong powers. 22 is a Master number and it can mean that you are a leader and that you can organize things to make them work. If you have the number 22 in your chart then it means that you need to be brave and not worry about things. You cannot let yourself get upset and to break.

Don’t let people that hurt your feelings or that want to pressure you to win. You shouldn’t be abused by anyone so don’t let them.

The Master number 11 can be doubled, and it becomes 22. This is a number that can mean that you are grounded and that you are strong.

Tarot Cards and the Number 2

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana in the tarot deck. The Fool card is one that can have the number 22 which represents having strong faith. If you are a spiritual person, you need to trust that the universe is there to help you.

This number can also represent the Emperor card which can mean that you can have power and you can be in control of what is going on around you.

Making Things Happen

If you have a 22 in your date, it can mean that you are going to see love and healing in your life. Even if you have faced things that were hard, you can now get balance. The balance can bring you peace and harmony. The number 6 can mean love and as the energy flows, know that you are creative, smart and that you are an inspiration to people around you.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to make something important happen to you? If so, pay attention to the number 22. Look and see if you see this in or around your life. If so, you can see this number as a sign for goodness.

Astrology can help you to understand things in your life. This is a way that you can figure out your personality and even your moods. The more you understand astrology, the more you can know when numbers come to you that are important. If you aren’t sure what your numbers mean, talk to a psychic.

Important Tarot for Twin Flames

Tarot for Twin Flames

Having a twin flame feeling means that your chakras are open and that you are attracting your heart chakra to your twin flame. This comes from deep inside of you and when you find them and meet them, you will know them.

Getting Universal Signs

There are different signs that you might see that can show you that your twin flame is coming to you. The use of astrology can help you to find your twin flame. A person that is born on a certain date can use these dates to find out their signs such as their rising sign and their zodiac. Even the moon sign can help you to figure out your relationship.

Maybe you met your twin, and you wonder if you have. Pay attention to what they love and see if you have the same things in minds and the same heroes. You might even have things on your body that are the same like a mole in the same place.

Whatever signs the universe gives you, you will mirror each other because they are the mirror of your soul. This can be a sexual thing or not.

Soulmate and Twin Flame

There will be more than just an attraction when you meet your twin flame. Of course, when you meet your soulmate, they are part of the mate that comes from your soul. The soulmates often come and go, and they don’t always stay.

A soulmate can be a person, pet or even a friend. It can be someone in your family or someone you just meet. These people feel like home, and they connect with you easily.

Twin flame connections are different. They are someone that is there to stay and they are going to put you through a lot of peace but hardships too. They will be the other half of your soul and will make you feel whole.

People have different soulmates and don’t normally just have one. You can meet these people along your path of life and as you grow in your spirit, you will see that you share this with those that are your soulmate. Look at the tarot cards to see if you are close to your twin flame or your soulmate.

Twin Flame Connection

The tarot cards can help you to know if you are close to your twin flame connection. Here are some of the best cards for this:

The Moon Card

This card is an emotional card. This can be something in your subconscious that causes you to dream. This can also help you to know if you are doing astral projection and visiting your twin flame.

When reversed…This card can mean that you are not able to handle the mirror image of your twin flame. You might need to use telepathy to help you out of your emotional problems.

The Sun Card

This card knows your soul. It shows you warmth and helps you to meet your goals.

When reversed…This card can mean that you are drained in your energy, and you give too much to your twin flame.

The Star Card

This card can be a feeling that you know your twin understands you. You might have visions and be a star sign together.

When reversed…You might have a hard time meeting the expectations that your twin has for you.

The World Card

This card can mean that you get everything that you want in your connection and that you are together forever.

When reversed…This can show that when things don’t work right away that there is still potential that it can.

The Lovers Card

This is a card that shows your karmic energies. You might see things about your past life and know that you have met your twin flame before.

When reversed…This card can mean that you are having a hard time with your spiritual growth. You have to accept your higher good.

The Ace of Cups

When your heart starts overflowing and you find happiness, you will see that your connections are strong.

When reversed…You will have more joy. The pain can be stronger too.

The Two of Cups

This card is one that shows that you can use telepathy with your twin flame. You will see that when you talk, they know what you are going to say.

When reversed…Don’t try to make this relationship something standard.

Six of Cups Card

This card is one that completes you and gives you peace.

When reversed…This shows that you are bored and that you are blaming others when problems come.

King of Cups Card

This card can show you that you are being heard and that your twin flame can read you.

When reversed…People that are sensitive will accept this about themselves.

Queen of Cups Card

This is a card that can show you the future of your intuition. You can talk to your psychic and find out what psychic gifts you have.

When reversed…Don’t let your psychic be your therapist. Be balanced.

Check Yourself

You can take time to check yourself and see if you are prepared for your twin flame. Talk to your psychic and see if they can explain your life with the cards. Even if things are unclear, getting a reading can help you to have a deeper connection. A tarot card reading can give you answers and can help you to have a direct connection to the spiritual world.

What Does it Mean to See a Rat?


Seeing a Rat

Seeing a rat can be something that people don’t want to experience. These are animals that are often seen as pests or vermin even though they really are gentle creatures. Rats are normally found in dumpsters around cities, but they are also found in art. More importantly, they can be found in your dreams.

Understanding Rats

Rats are animals that are larger than hamsters and mice and they are neutral in color. They are considered rodents and are normally seen in brown or black but are sometimes seen in white and lighter colors such as tan. Seeing a white rat can be different than seeing other rats and it is sometimes meant to mean good luck.

Rats are mammals that are resourceful, even if humans don’t enjoy seeing them and they are often found in areas where humans are. Rats are known to take what they need in order to survive. Though a rat is small, they are very powerful. Some think of a rat like they do the ant because they are good at what they do such as climbing and scavenging. Rats use their long tails for balance and their tails make them stable and able to climb better.

Rats and Humanity

Rats aren’t only seen in city streets, but many people have rats as pets. Rats can be very affectionate and if they are found in pairs, they are said to act like humans do. These animals are also used for science experiments and can be seen in medical testing facilities. Rats are also known in the witchcraft community because of their association with cool weather. The cool weather was known to bring in things such as frogs, snails, and rats.

Even though rats are known to have a bad reputation, they aren’t concerned about what people think of them and they live their life regardless of judgements. Rats do not listen to the opinions of others, and they live their best life, staying away from toxins and other things that try to keep them down.

Death and Rats

Rats are often associated with diseases and even though it is found that the diseases that were spread came form the fleas more than the rats, many people blamed the rats instead. If you happen to see a rat and you feel that your life is flashing before your eyes, it can be a time that you need to look at your life and learn to be mindful of what is going on now. Slow down and stop being in a hurry.

Rats will learn to escape from things that are dangerous and they have been known to survive things such as earthquakes and sinkings hips because they are able to predict what is going to happen. Some even believe that rats have psychic abilities.

Sometimes in the Western culture, rats are seen as something dark but in the eastern culture, they are seen as positive. The rat is part of the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of having prosperity and being smart. Rats are able to get what they need, and they have a lot of energy and social skills.

What Do Rat Dreams Mean?

Dreaming of a rat can depend on what is going on in the dream. You might meet a rat that is kind and gentle and this could mean that you have someone in your life that is there to take care of you, someone that you can depend on. A rat that is causing your problems such as chewing through your items can mean that you have a problem in your life that you don’t know what to do about it.

The amount of rats in your dreams can also have a different meaning. Is there a lot of rats or just one? If there are many, it can mean that you feel that the world is ganging up on you and that you are uncomfortable in your life. The rat in your dream can also have to do with how you actually feel about rats.

Is the Rat Your Spirit Animal?

The rat can be your spirit animal and if so, it can mean that you are dedicated to your job. This can also mean that you are part of a team and that you will work until a job that you want is completed. The rat can be a pet and this can prove that they are domesticated and that they have a good nature about them.

The rat is one that is seen as a great partner and one that will nurture you and take care of you. If you are ready for a change and the rat is your spirit animal, embrace the change and find out where life is going to take you next.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

Finding Your Spirit Animal

Do you keep seeing the same animal over and over again? Do you see them in person and even dream about them? If this is happening, this could be your spirit animal. Maybe you have asked yourself about animals in your life and there is one animal that always comes to you. This can be for a real reason.

There are millions of animals around the world and they all have different personalities and characteristics that can help you. Your spirit animal can help to guide you and help you to deal with hard times.

What is a Spirit Animal?

A spirit animal is an animal guide that comes to help you. Everyone has one but they don’t always know it. The spirit animal is from the Native American culture, and it represents people and history.

Spirit animals are also called totem animals. Each family in the Native American culture has an animal that represents them and their house.

What Does a Spirit Animal Do?

Your spirit animal will help you when times are hard and will guide you. They will help you through hard times and even warn you or give you hope. They will come when the time is right and when you need them the most.

Is My Spirit Animal Important?

Yes. Your spirit animal is there when you need it the most. When you realize what your spirit animal is then you will know that they are there to comfort you and to bring you peace. You will see that your animal is there to guide you no matter what you are going through.

Finding Out What Your Spirit Animal Is

You can find out what your spirit animal is and then you can move towards your spiritual journey. There are things that you can do once you know your spirit animal to form a deeper connection with them.

Here are some ways that you can discover what spirit animal you have:

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the encounters that you have with animals. Maybe you see them on television or you dream of them. You might even see them in your yard.

If you have ever been bit by an animal then it can be your spirit animal that was testing you to see how your energies reacted to it.

Go Outside

Take time to go outside in nature. This is likely where your spirit animal will be. The earth will show you what your spirit animal is, and you will see that it is there. Pay attention to birds, animals, insects, and all of nature around you.

Find Out What Animals You Like

Everyone has their own special animal and this could be your spirit animal. Learn more about the animals that you are interested in and see if they fit your personality. Find out what they mean symbolically and what characteristics that they have.


Meditation can help you to call your spiritual animal to your life. You can ask your guides to bring your animal to your fruition so that you know which one is yours. You can ask your spirit animal to come to you and present itself to you.

Always have an open mind and when an animal comes to you, see how it makes you feel. Your animal will look at you and you will know who they are. Keep your imagination open.

Notice Your Dreams

Pay attention to the dreams that you have and see if your spirit animal is in the dreams. They will come to you and tell you who they are if you pay attention. Dreams are your way of processing things that you are feeling and your emotions and they can symbolize many things.

Before you go to sleep, ask the universe to show you who you sprite animal is. Let your guidance start and then write down what you dream.

What Animal Scares You?

Sometimes the animal that scares you can be your spirit animal. They might be there because they need you to not have fear. They are sometimes scary to you because you don’t know them.

Animal and Birthdate

There are some animals that are around at the time of your birth. Find out which animals are there when you were born and see if that might be your spirit animal. Pay attention to your zodiac animal because this could be your animal totem.


You can ask the universe to tell you what your spirit animal is. Just keep your mind open and see what animal pops in your head. When you are meditating, pay attention to any animal that comes to your mind. Be honest with yourself and be clear.

What Animal Are You Drawn To?

The animals that you are drawn to most are often your spirit guides. They are there to help you to feel special and to love you. They can be animals that you have met before or they might be an animal that you think about often.

Ask yourself, “what is my spirit animal?” and let the universe and nature show you. You don’t have to have all of the answers right now, let time tell you who your spirit animal is.

Connecting with Your Animal Guides

There are ways that you can connect with your animal guides once you know who they are. Keep your heart and mind open and let this relationship happen. Here are some ways that you can connect with them:

  • Learn about the animal. Read about it, record what you know and find books to learn more about them.
  • Collect tokens of the animal. This can bring their spirit close to you and can call them towards you. You can even decorate your room or your home with your favorite animal to give you encouragement.
  • Meditation can help you to connect with your spirit guide. They will then give you wisdom and help you to figure out what you need to know.
  • Journal about your animal such as the interactions and what you know about them. See if there is a connection that seems strong or meaningful.

Final Thoughts

Your spirit animal is there to help you to know who you are and what purpose you have in your life. Once you know your animal, it is important that you have a strong connection with them. Let them come into your life and into your dreams. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with positivity and that you are being real.

Your animal isn’t there as a god to you but as a friend. Remember that you can let your guide come to you and give you information and you can love it, but never worship it.

Knowing the Red Flags in Love

Red Flags in Love

There are red flags that are there to warn you, just like when you see something red to warn you of a fire or something else. Red flags are there to help you to know what is going on around you and instead of ignoring them or trying to put them out of your mind, you need to pay attention to what the flags are trying to tell you.

Everyone has emotions and red flags are there to help you to know what you need to get away from. The thing is, when you see red flags in a relationship, they are hard to see sometimes, especially when are looking at your own relationship.

Understanding Red Flags

Red flags in a relationship can be something to do with a persons character traits or it can be something that has to do with someone’s behavior. You might see these red flags and they can be a warning that worse things are coming in the future.

If you are someone that has low self-esteem or other issues, seeing red flags for you might mean that you don’t feel like you are good enough. This can be a cycle that causes you to question yourself and to think that your life is not good.

You have wounds that need to be healed. These wounds can cause you to miss out on what your gut is trying to tell you and it can cause you to not be able to live your best life. Being in toxic relationships can be hurtful and it can seem impossible for you to be able to walk away.

Gut Feelings

Having a gut feeling means that you are able to know when something doesn’t seem right. Some people have these kinds of gut feelings and if you are in a relationship, your gut can give you signs if you are getting into a toxic relationship. The problem is that you need to make sure that you don’t ignore these signs.

You can even take time to write out what your gut is telling you and you will see that you are right and that you aren’t just overthinking things. Don’t stay in a relationship that you are not being treated right and if you are feeling this in your gut, stop ignoring it.

Once you begin to ignore your gut feeling or your intuition you will become deaf to it. Your gut will be there and by not ignoring it then you are working towards reaching your relationship goals.

Understanding Intuition

Intuition is a gut feeling, and it is something that you just know. You don’t even have to have real information for your intuition to work for you. You just know that you know something. You will see that you can avoid drama and hurtful things when you start listening to your intuition.

Don’t let your insecurity cause you to ignore your intuition but let your intuition be enough to guide you. You deserve to be in a relationship that helps you to feel better and helps you to be strong. Intuition allows you to see things clearly.

It can be hard for people to understand their intuition right away but once you start listening and communicating with your intuition, you will see that it will show you when there are red flags. It will show you when negativity is surrounding you.

Don’t sabotage yourself and ignore your own gut feeling and intuition. Embrace these gifts that you have and let them show you who you are and what you need. Your gut feeling can help you to feel secure and help you to have more self-esteem.

Gut feelings help you to be able to see red flags so that you can be protected and so that you can walk away. Your gut feeling is there to help you and it will help you to deal with relationships that are hard.

Seeing Red Flags

When you first start dating someone and you are in the honeymoon stage, things will seem good. But things can get dark fast and if you are in a relationship that gets dark fast, chances are that you will feel that you were blind to who the person really is.

Your ex might have given you signs after a few dates and these signs aren’t always easy to see. You might have had to face problems with them or you might see that they drink too much or they are too angry. Red flags can help you to figure these things out right away so that you don’t have to stay with someone that is causing you more harm than good.

Don’t ignore red flags. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get out before its too late. Don’t invest all of your time with someone that is going to hurt you. Red flags are a gift that the universe gives you so that you can realize that things aren’t good before things get too deep. With red flags, you can see what a persons traits are and see if they are someone good to be with.

Seeing a red flag means that you walk away. You don’t keep investing things and you don’t allow these things to slip by you. Red flags are there so that you can take action against them and so that you can react, not ignore what is going on.

Red flags are about taking your life back and having a real purpose. You need to be in a relationship where there is honesty and love and real communication.

Dealing with Red Flags

Being in a relationship should be a great time but if you see that there are red flags, you need to not ignore them. You need to pay attention if red flags show up in your relationship.

Red Flags in Relationships

Here are some of the main red flags that you might see in a relationship:

Values and Morals

Pay attention to your partners values and morals. This can be a deal breaker in any relationship. If you have totally different morals and values, chances are that you might want to get out of this relationship. There will be things that your partner thinks are okay and that you don’t agree with. You have to decide which things are acceptable to be different and which ones mean that you need to breakup.

Don’t stay with someone that has totally different morals and values that you have. Look at what he believes in and see how it makes you feel. Once you see that there are things that you cannot deal with in your relationship, be respectful enough to yourself to walk away.

Don’t worry about what other people think and only care if you agree with it or not. Some things other people will be okay with and you don’t have to be okay with whatever you aren’t okay with.

Friends and Family

There are some red flags that you will even see within your friend and family relationships. These things can cause your relationships to become strained. It can be hard to bring up a red flag in a relationship with one of your friends or family because this can make you feel insecure or make you feel that you should ignore it.

By ignoring these red flags though, you will see that you aren’t going to be as close or as trusting to your friend or family member. You will spend much of your time questioning what you are doing by staying in this person’s life.

Repetitive Patterns

When there are red flags in your relationship, you have to figure out what you are going to do about this. Even a good personality can feel good and look good but sometimes there are still red flags that can show up. Make sure that you aren’t dealing with someone that has a bad character or bad integrity.

Just because you believe someone has a good personality doesn’t mean that you aren’t ignoring something. If you keep seeing a pattern repeating, you need to make sure that you are paying attention. If your partner is giving you a pattern of red flags, this can be a bad sign.

What Are Red Flags?

Here are some red flags:


People often will label themselves and this happens when they are immature and when they have a hard time being committed. He might label himself as single because he isn’t decided if he wants to be in a serious relationship or not.

Past Relationships

Some people are stuck int heir past relationships and if your partner is, this can be a problem for your relationship.

Controlling or Abusive

Someone that is controlling or abusive will show many red flags. Also, gaslighting is another problem. When someone just starts ignoring you, this is a major red flag.

Overly Defensive

When you ask your partner questions and they are overly defensive, this can mean something is wrong in the relationship.

Addictive Behaviors

Addiction can cause your relationship to come to an abrupt halt. Don’t stay with someone that battles with addiction without getting help.

Faking Love

Don’t get stuck with someone that is faking loving you. Faking can end up leading to cheating and it can end up leading to hurt. This kind of behavior is selfish and unhelpful.


A person that has this personality will accuse you of things and will make up excuses for all of their behaviors but will put yours down.


A person that is selfish in a relationship will never give you what you need. They will only care about themselves.

How They Treat You

A guy that loves you will treat you well. He will also treat children, animals, and other people well. Pay attention if he isn’t treating others well.

No Empathy

Empathy is a way that you can put yourself in the shoes of other people. When you aren’t able to have empathy for others, you might have a mental disorder. Walk away when you are in this kind of relationship.

Making You Jealous

A man shouldn’t try to make you feel jealous by comparing you to other people or by talking to other women. This is wrong and hurtful and a major red flag.


A person that lies often has a problem. This should be a big red flag for you. Don’t let people lie to you and expect them to be truthful when it is hard.

He is Trying

A man that says he is trying isn’t trying at all. It is easy to be nice and it is easy to show love.

Honesty and Kindness

Being honest and kind is something that should be easily happening in your relationship. When you aren’t seeing this then this is a red flag.


A guy that tells people stories about how he cheated on his ex and laughs about it can be doing the same thing to you. Don’t be his next joke.

Just Kidding

When a guy hurts your feelings and then just says, “I’m kidding,” isn’t kidding at all. No jokes that are putting you down should be considered funny.

Different Ideas on Love

You should be with someone that loves you the way that you love them. If they have a different idea on what love is than you have, it might mean this isn’t going to work out.