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Drawing to Manifest Dreams

Manifest Dreams

People have different ways that they like to manifest and if you want to manifest your dreams, you can do this by drawing. This is something that you have to have patience with, and you have to learn to trust the time that it takes but it is something that not everyone can see.

To manifest things in your life, you have to be confident in what is going on and you have to listen to your intuition. You have to know that there are changes in your life that are going to be unique and that is okay. Using drawings to manifest your dreams is something that takes patience and something that goes in steps.

Don’t stop moving forward even if you aren’t sure that you exactly know what is going on. There are many other tools that you can use to manifest things besides drawing but if you take time each day to practice drawing what is in your dreams then you can be successful.

Manifest By Drawing

You can manifest your dreams by drawing things that will attract your future. These are drawings that go in steps just like building something. You don’t just automatically have a house up; you have to build it brick by brick.

Drawing the manifest thing is a way that you can connect with your intuition, and you can increase your energy. Drawing and what you put into the drawing is full of energy. This is a way that you can take what is happening and increase your vibrations.

Even if you don’t have any idea what is going to happen, you can put your creativity into your drawings and you will see that you are manifesting things that you want. Rather you are just starting, or you have done this for a while, you can make your dreams real.

Starting Your Drawings

Here is how to start drawing:

  • Find a relaxed place to sit.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Imagine what you would like to manifest.
  • Think about what you would feel if your dreams came true.
  • Let this play like a movie in your mind.
  • Connect with the images that you see. Feel their energies.
  • Do this until you feel the outcome.
  • Take a piece of paper and draw things that you want to manifest.
  • This can be an easy drawing or something with a lot of detail but whatever you draw make sure the feelings are there.
  • Put your drawing away and when you feel like things aren’t working out for you, pull out the drawing and look at it. This is all about energy.
  • Know that this drawing went to the universe and didn’t time limit it.
  • When you see the things, you’ve drawn be happy.
  • Know that your manifestations are coming to you.

Drawing to Manifest Dreams

Think of what you want to come to you in your life. Imagine them like you are watching a movie and try to connect with the energy of these things. Keep your solar plexus chakra open and strong and don’t ever give up on the drawing.

Take out your picture or buy yourself a sketch book and try this more than once. You don’t have to be an artist to draw something. Draw your best, use outlines, stick people or whatever you can do.

If you want a new house, you can draw a house. If you want a new career, draw yourself doing that job. If you want a special relationship, draw yourself meeting that person.

When the drawing is done, put it away and don’t focus on anything except the drawing. You can even put it away for a while but don’t forget that you drew this and make sure that you keep your energies up when you think of your picture. Keep thinking about what you want and be positive.

Can Drawings Affect your Dreams?

When you draw what you want to come into your life you are telling the universe about what you want. You can draw your dreams and you will see that this can connect with the universe and with your physical body. Once you make the body and mind connection, it will make your energies stronger and so doing this drawing shows the universe you are ready.

This can make your dreams deliver to you and you need to know that your dreams are coming and not let your energy get weak.  This will work on an energy level to keep you feeling positive and strong. As you connect with your emotional energy you will manifest things by just thinking about them.

Drawings can help to make your dreams come true and when you trust your inner being then you will see that this is all possible.

Manifesting by Using Meditating

Meditating can help you to reach your dreams as well. You can meditate on what you want and what you need, and this will help to make your manifestation process stronger. Once you meditate and you put your emotions into something then you will be able to manifest things to your life.

Meditation gives you peace and it can help you to learn how to be more mindful. This can help you to get things coming on your way.

Using Drawings to Manifest

Drawing to manifest can make your dreams become a reality but it takes practice. When things are hard in your life, being positive isn’t as easy and drawing can help you with this. When you can’t focus on being positive you can draw, and this can help you.

Your drawings don’t have to be anything fancy or anything easy to understand as long as your soul understands your mission. You will see that these drawings can come to life and that you will get what you put into the universe.

Final Thoughts

You can manifest your dreams and it isn’t just getting things in your life, but it is about raising your vibrations and your energies and learning to make changes. This can be changes that you need to make to give up bad habits or something that will make you feel happier or more fulfilled.

You can manifest these things by drawing and you will see that these drawings can go into the universe and then you can get what you want and what you need. Draw something that represents who you want to be and what you want in your life from others.

Let this drawing be magic to you and unlock your subconscious mind and the power behind it. You don’t ever have to show anyone your drawings because those are between you and the universe, just keep drawing and enjoying your life.

What Do Face Moles Mean?

Face Moles

Having a mole on your face can say a lot about your personality. There are moles that are put on you and they don’t just land there by chance, but they have a meaning meant for you.

Most people will have a mole here or there that they hate and even though they don’t like them, these moles say a lot about who that person is.

Moles on the Forehead

Having a mole on your forehead can mean something for you. Here are some things this mole can mean:

  • The middle of the forehead: This can mean that you are wise.
  • Mole on the left side: This can mean you have bad luck.
  • Mole on the right side: This can mean that you are a good partner in business or in love and you will be successful.

Moles on the Chin

A mole on the chin can mean that a person is loving but it can also mean that this person is successful and has balance in their life.  These people love to travel, and they want to always face change.

A mole on the chin can also mean that you love to be around new people and that you want to visit new places. A mole to the right can mean you are diplomatic but a mole on the left can mean that you are an honest being.

Moles on the Cheek

Having a mole on the cheek can mean things depending on y our culture. This is often seen as someone that is beautiful and caring. This mole position can mean that you make people feel safe.

A mole on the left cheek though will say that you are an introvert and that you like to hang out by yourself more than in a group.

Moles on the Lips

Having a mole on the lip can mean that you are ambitious. This can mean that you are a foodie, and you love to try new things. A mole on the lower lip can mean that you are great at acting and love theater and other arts.

Moles on the Temple

Here are some meanings of having a mole on the temple:

  • You have a sudden marriage.
  • You will lose your business fast.
  • A mole on the right side: Early marriage and money coming out of nowhere.

Moles on the Nose

Having a mole on your nose can mean that you have a lot of respect for who you are. This can also mean that you have a short temper. A mole on the right can mean you are passionate and sexual and a mole on the left can mean that you struggle a lot.

Zodiac and Numbers

Zodiac and Numbers

The zodiac sign is associated with both planets and numbers. There are different meanings for these things. Numerology and astrology run together, and they can work with the zodiac for you to understand things about your life.

There are 12 different signs in the zodiac and there are 9 planets in the solar system. Some of the signs share the same planet. Numerology is when someone studies the importance of numbers and what they mean. Some numbers can tell you more about who you are and about your past, present and future.

  • Number 1

This number can mean something new and a new beginning. It can mean courage and enthusiasm and it can also mean innovation and leadership.


Leo works with the number 1, and it can mean being a good leader. You can have a lot of energy when you decide to take action. This sign also means that you like to take risks and you have courage to reach your goals.

  • Number 2

This number can mean peace, being a good partner and having balance. It can bring unity into action.


Cancer and the number 2 work together. They are more than emotions and they can use their intuition to make things happen. This number can unite people together and bring peace. It is a sensitive sign and can be creative.

  • Number 3

The number 3 is a creative number and works with both the number 1 and 2. It is a curious and a number that wants to learn.


The number 3 works with the Sag sign, and it means that you take action and that you are ready to learn lessons that the world wants to teach you. You can learn from education and from other things and you will have an impact on humanity.

  • Number 4

The number 4 means a strong foundation. This also means divine energy and being practical.


This is a number that is hard to understand sometimes because they are people that are misunderstood. They look at things and they are creative and innovative.

  • Number 5

This is a number that means movement and risk taking. It is an exploratory number and uses the five senses.


The Gemini sign and the number 5 go together. This is a communicating sign and someone that can work through their moods for the good. It is someone that can communicate and that can take care of things that need taken care of.

  • Virgo

The Virgo is one that can change their thoughts and feelings often and someone that can forgive easily in relationships.

  • Number 6

This is a number that means support and to nurture. It is a warm and compassionate number.


The Taurus is one that is in love with pleasure, and it is one that benefits having nice things. They like to support and nurture others.


This sign is one that loves beautiful things and is compassionate and harmonious. They are an air sign and one that brings harmony and wisdom.


This sone is an attraction sign and wants to have clues to attract other people and they love material things.

  • Number 7

This is a number that means reality and that brings the past into the future.


This sign is one that is gifted, and hat loves the universe. They want to bring space and earth together and they love water, creativity, and mysticism.


This planet is a spiritual truth planet and wants to change the idea of living to a new perspective.

  • Number 8

This number is a secure number and means strength and financial security.


This sign is one that can use tools to reach their goals and dreams. They love to create and love to dream.


This planet is one that wants to see order and growth. They are dedicated to reaching their goals.

  • Number 9

This number means to change and to transform. It is associated with psychic gifts, love and tolerating others.


The Aries is a sign that is passionate and desirable. They want to make the world a better place. They can develop this tolerance and they will meet people along the way that they want to be with.


This is a planet of passion and desires. It likes to take action and to use its energy wisely.


This is a sign that is strong and has unconditional love. It changes the way that you connect with people and uses the idea of Pluto.


This is a changing planet and means rebirth and knowledge. It is evolving through experiences. Pluto rules over death and this can mean physical or spiritual death.

Final Thoughts

Numerology and astrology work together to help you to understand how the planets influence your personality and who you are. Evaluate your decisions and your life and find a plan that will work out for you the best.

Why Use Astrology?


Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and it uses signs and symbols and the placement of the planets to understand people more. No one knows exactly how astrology started but it is something that is important to those that use divination. Astrologers use the different patterns of the sky and the planets in order to know when it is time to plant a garden and to harvest.

Why Astrology is Important

Astrology is important because it helps to understand how humans react to the changes of the stars and planets. Even animals might have different actions and different personalities based on when they were born. Astrology is something that has been around for years, and it spread throughout Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon. It was around during different civilizations.

Here are some predictions that were made using astrology:

  • Nostradamus predicted the rise of Hitler.
  • John Dee predicted when Queen Elizabeth would become queen.
  • William Lilly predicted the Great Fires of London and the Great Plague.
  • Evangeline Adams predicted the Wallstreet crash in 1929.

Who Uses Astrology?

There are many people throughout history that have used astrology such as Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton, Franklin D. Roosevelt and more. Here are some of the reasons that they used astrology:

  • To get insight into who they were.
  • To build confidence.
  • TO have more peace and partnerships.
  • To assist in future events.
  • As a career guide.
  • Enlightenment on what to do.

Benefits of Astrology

There are many benefits of astrology and some of the benefits are that you can use it as a guide to overcome things that are hard in your life. It can give you strength to deal with negative things in your life.

Astrology uses horoscopes to help you to know what your life is going to be like in the future and to give you guidance towards something better. Your birth chart is there to help understand how the moon, sun, Mercury, and other planets affect how you act and what your personality is.

Astrology has changed over time, but it is still there to help you understand what kind of life path you are on and how you can live to the fullest of your destiny. Everyone has their own birth chart, and this means that you can discover what relationships are better for you and what will be helpful in your life.

Final Thoughts

Astrology is something that you can look at and you can find balance in your life. If you have negative things, you can see them from a different perspective and you can do something different with the help of astrology.

Some astrologers use science, math, and other things to help them understand things more. You can get a reading with an astrologer, and it can help to make your life better. The universe always knows what is best for you and so when you get a reading, be ready to get some good advice.

How to Cut Energy Cords

Cut Energy Cords

Energy cords are things that are attached to people mentally and emotionally. Attachments are things that are connected to you, and this can be people, thoughts and even things. Everything has energy and when you have a bond connected to you then this is likely an energy cord.

When you have emotional changes, you will see that this can be a cause of energy cords. Energy cords can have positive and negative energies, and this can work through your chakras.

Energy will flow through everything and the emotional attachments that you have will bind you to something. Everyone has these cords attached to something and this can be different things, ideas, traditions, and relationships.

Why Cut Your Energy Cords?

Energy cords can be good or bad. They can take your energy and they can bring courage and they can give you power. If you are connected to good people, then having an energy cord with this person can be a good thing and it can help you to grow.

If you have a connection with people that bring you jealousy and obsession, then you will have an unhealthy mindset to this. This can lead to habits and negative actions in your life.

The cords can change your energy and even if the cords are positive or negative, it is a good idea to cut some of these cords. You can cut these cords differently. You can use crystals or stones, or you can meditate. As you focus on the cords, you can cut them, and they can then fill you with positive energies.

What Energy Cords Do You Have?

Before you start cutting energy cords, it is important to know what kinds of cords you have. The chakras will show you how to look at your physical and mental state. The chakras will change energy and you will see that this affects your life.

As you have different emotions it is the heart chakra that you will feel these emotions through. Cut the energy cords that are both positive and negative so that you can have an open mindset. You can see positive things can happen to you as you get rid of these bonds.

Negative Energies

Negative cords can bring negative energy, and this can cause you to have physical symptoms and to have bad feelings inside of you. This can cause you to feel nauseous or to have a loss of breath.

The Solar Plexus also can help you to know if you feel threatened or if you have someone in your life that will need to be broken. This can be people you know or people in the community around you.

Energy cords should bring you energy and not make you feel tired or drained. If a cord is negative, it will drain you.

Positive Energy Cords

There are positive cords that you can be connected with and even though these are positive, it can cause you to feel stressed because it can overload you. You need to share the abundance of your love and compassion with others.

As you see yourself grow, reach out to others, and make sure that you are taking care of the cords that are positive. But, if you need to, you can cut these cords so that you can have peace and calmness. Cutting good energy cords gives you space to be able to have other energy cords that can help your journey.

Cutting Energy Cords

When you are in an emotional bond with someone and you know that it is no longer helping you, you need to cut the cord. People will often think that this is hard, but you can do it by meditating and it can be instant.

You can use a few simple things in order to cut energy cords and if you want to go deeper with it, talk to a healer or a psychic.

Make Your Space Available

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your space is available and cleansed. Cleanse it by smudging the area or do it outside such as in your garden. Then make your place comfortable by putting down some pillows to sit on or a yoga mat. Do whatever will make you most comfortable.

Put candles and crystals around your area and make sure that you are using ones that have a positive meaning in your life.

Clear the Mind

Next, clear your mind so that you aren’t triggered by feelings or emotions. This is a way that you can get rid of the energy cord. Close your eyes and say a mantra that is positive. Say positive affirmations out loud so that you can increase your vibrational frequency as you speak to them.

Imagine the Cords

Imagine that the cords are there, and you can see them and touch them. Look at the ones that you feel that you need to take care of. You will see different energy cords in your life.

Take time to make sure that you don’t cut the ones that are strong for you or the ones that keep you safe and grounded. These are ones that will grow along the floor and will go down into the dirt. Pay attention to the energies that still help you.

Be mindful and look at your body and the cords that are there. Find the ones that bring you discomfort or pain. These are the ones that you are going to need to cut. What does the cord look like? Most negative cords look messy or tangled.

Pay Attention to the Cord

Now that you know which cord is which, you have to get rid of the strands and the tangles. These are from relationships, connections and other types of energies that might no longer serve you.

Once you find the cord that is negative and you are bound to it, imagine that you are holding this and that you are aware of the connection and that you need to get rid of it. Imagine having scissors in your hand and that you are using them to cut your cord. You can also imagine a knife or a sword.

Be Light

Keep meditating as you imagine these cords and then as you cut them, know that you are going to heal. This energy cord might bleed out and you might feel sad at first and this is okay. Allow yourself to be emotional as you tie off the cord.

Brush your hands over the energy cords that are positive and know that they are there for you to bring goodness and to help you to grow. Breath deep and allow yourself to increase your energy and to bring positivity to your life. Be thankful for the cords being broken for you.

Do It Again

Once you do this, you might need to do it again. Afterwards though, you can take a salt bath and use essential oils to make you stronger. Do this to cleanse your chakras and to bring peace to your life.

Using Crystals to Cut Energy Cords

There are different crystals that you can use to cut your energy cords such as:

  • Selenite

This crystal works with the crown chakra and can clear your mind and let you see the cords that you need to cut. You can also use a selenite rod or wand.

  • Black Tourmaline

This crystal is a protective crystal, and it can be used to cut out negative energy cords out of your life. This can be heated and can have an electrical charge. Use this with positive energy flow.

Final Thoughts

Cutting energy cords might be stressful but it is the best thing that you can do in your life. Get rid of things that no longer serve you and learn to live a better and happier life.

Kinds of Angels

Kinds of Angels

There are different kinds of angels that you might see throughout our life. The different angels have different characteristics. Here is a guide of the different angels that you might see.


This is an angel name that means, “brother.” This is an archangel that is a male and that plays music. They are normally seen holding some kind of instrument. This kind of angel will have 6 large wings that are yellow and blue in color and with feathers.

This angel will wear a robe that has warrior clothing under it and then a bright colored cape over it.


Cherubs are normally seen as male, and they are small and infantile. They have wings that are feathered, and they are seen naked or with a swath around their middle area.

These angels are known in paintings and collectables, and they are often part of renaissance art.


Uriel is an angel that has tan colored wings. This is an adult male angel but is feminine looking. The angel will have a crown or a halo and is dressed in high necked clothes that go to the floor and are long sleeved. They also will wear green or brown robes.


Hashmal is an angel that isn’t very known. This is an angel that speaks fire and is known to reflect the words that they speak. This can be a male angel that has flames or orbs surrounding it. He is a bright angel that might make you feel blinded when you look at him.


This angel has 6 wings that are extremely large. This can be an adult female or male angel and the wings are there to cover the whole body.

The wings are so large that only the feet and the head of this angel is seen when they are standing around due to the covering of their wings.

No Winged Angels

Some angels do not even have wings. Some believe that all angels have to have wings, but this isn’t how it really is. These angels are there, and they are normally white or colored and they have a strong aura.

Invisible Angels

Angels are sometimes seen and sometimes they aren’t. Some angels are invisible, and they are only there to work behind the scenes. Just because you don’t see an angel doesn’t mean that you won’t hear them speak to you. Always be open to listen.

Final Thoughts

What kinds of angels do you know about? Always know that there are angels that are surrounding you and they are there to help you and to keep you safe and guide you on the right path in your life.

Having Spiritual Aloneness

Taking time for yourself

Taking time for yourself can help to build up your spiritual self. There are things that are going to go on in the world that might make you feel worried or scared. This is okay because everyone has these times and these moments.

When you are ready, you can do things that can make your life better. You can clean out your cabinets, declutter your home and you can get rid of things that cause pollution to the world around you. When you do these things, it can make your life better and the world around you.

People will often be with family and being with family can bring on a certain amount of stress, especially if the relationships are strained. Some people will be isolated at home, and they will feel lonely or other people will be at work and they will see that they are constantly busy.

Having time to yourself is a great way to open up your spiritual self. It is a time to reach a different level in your spiritual man and to help you to find closeness in what you want and what you need.

Increasing Your Spiritual Self

Here are some ways that you can reach your spiritual self:


Take time to meditate for a few minutes each day. Do this for at least 10 minutes and you will see that your vibrations can increase. Meditating can help you to relax and help you to have a clear mind. You will see that as you do this, you can increase your time and you will see that meditation gets stronger. This can help you to learn to visualize and to grow in your psychic gifts.

Spiritual Guides

Your spirit guides are there to help you and to guide you. They want to connect with you. They will be there to help you on your spiritual journey. Ask your guides to show you who they are.

Third Eye Chakra

If you want to develop your psychic gifts, you need to develop your third eye. This can increase your clairvoyance or other clair gifts. As you meditate, imagine your third eye opening. Doing this can help to open up the eye. If you feel a tingling sensation, this could be a start.


Psychometry is a psychic gift where you can read the energies of objects. You can do this when you hold an object in your hand. Concentrate on the object and see what comes to you. Imagine where it has been.


Go outside and walk around nature. Take time to breathe the fresh air, listen to the birds, walk barefoot in the dirt or sand, or listen to the birds singing. Notice and appreciate everything about nature around you and how beautiful it is.


One great way that you can develop your spiritual self is to write a journal. Journal things that make you happy, journal what happens when you meditate and journal the things that your spirit guides tell you. All of these things can help to boost your spiritual being and can help you to feel free and happy.

Final Thoughts

Taking time to be alone is important and this can help you to develop your psychic gifts. Embrace times that you spend alone and see this as a gift that can help to reveal new things to you.

Keep Your Spiritual Self Grounded

Raise Your Energies

If you aren’t balanced and grounded in your spirituality, then it can mean that you are focusing too much on other things in your life. There are things that you can do to help yourself develop psychically and this can be a supernatural treat for your life.

It might be hard for you to feel that you fit in this world and maybe you are taking too much fun out of your life and being too serious. You have to have fun and be serious in life sometimes. If you have neglected yourself in things like doing your job and avoiding socializing, then you are not balanced.

Staying Grounded

Once you realize that you need to be grounded, there are things that you can do such as go out in nature and hugging a tree. This is just something that lasts only temporarily though, and you have to figure out how to stay grounded.

One of the best ways to remain grounded in your life is to go through a healing session. This can help you to balance your mind, body, and soul. If you have been hurt by some kind of trauma or pain in your life, you need to be grounded.

There are things that you can change in your life to make sure that you are staying grounded and here are some ways:

How You Eat

Make sure that you are eating right and that you are balancing your diet. Doing this can help you to stay grounded. People often find that they can be more grounded when they eat root vegetables, while others like to try different diets.

Some will choose to do veganism while others will become vegetarians. This can help you if you need to be more spiritual, but others prefer adding meat of some kind to their diet such as poultry, eggs, fish, or other means.

If you feel that you are spacy and you aren’t able to feel right in your mind or your body, adding some meat can help to make this better for you.

There are some people that are sensitive to what they eat and so they might need to change up their diet here and there. Adding meat might be against what you feel in the spiritual self, but this can help to ground you.

Also make sure that you are eating enough. You should eat at least 3 meals a day and it would benefit you to eat in between these meals so that you aren’t constantly fasting. Fasting is a way to grow spiritually but it doesn’t always help you to be grounded.


Another way to stay grounded is to have self-care. You need to make sure that you are taking care of your spirit and your body. Do things to pamper yourself such as getting your nails done, getting your hair done, dressing up or doing whatever makes you feel good.

Spend some of your time and money to invest in what you look like, and this can help to ground you and help you to feel better about who you are.

Self-care can also mean that you need to do things that are fun such as taking up a new hobby or doing something that brings you excitement and encouragement. Maybe you want to take a class, start working out more or doing something else that brings you joy.

Physical exercise can help your spirit and your body, and it can help you to be more grounded. Being grounded means that you are able to feel good in your mind, body, and soul and when you exercise such as doing cardio or doing weight lifting, you will feel better about who you are.

Raise Your Energies

Raise your energies and your vibrations. Start by imagining what you want in your life and what you can do to make these things a reality. Use the Law of Attraction to attract things in your life that you want and need. Be serious about the things that you desire and get them.

Try and be positive even when things are hard in your life. Being positive can help to get rid of negativity and can help to ground you.

See Things Differently

Try and see things from a different perspective when you are going through hard things. Go out and be around people that are positive and full of energy and connect with them. Increasing your energies and having fun can make you feel more grounded and stronger.

Be Practical

One thing that you need to make sure that you are doing is being practical. Make sure that you are taking care of things that are important in your life such as your family, your finances, your career, your home, and all of those things.

Baking, cooking, cleaning, and other things can help you to stay grounded. When you are doing what you need to do in your physical area, it can help you to be grounded and help you to not be trying to escape from reality.

Final Thoughts

Being grounded spiritually and physically is very important for your health and your spirituality. Make sure that you are doing what you need to do to stay strong and to keep yourself at peace with the world around you.

Reading the Symbols of Tea Leaves

Symbols of Tea Leaves

Reading tea leaves takes time and practice. You start by making your tea, letting it steep, drinking it, swirling it counterclockwise with your left hand, putting the cup in your right hand and then look at the pattern of the leaves.

Reading Tea Leaves

Even though it might sound easy to read tea leaves, the truth is that you need to follow things in a step-by-step fashion in order to do it right. You can always leave the cup in a saucer so that the leaves can settle but once you are ready to read then you need to follow the rules.

What to Do for the Reading

Here are some things that you need to do before doing your tea leaf reading:

  • Clear your mind.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Don’t try to change your guess after you read.
  • Let your intuition help you.
  • Look at the shapes of the leaves carefully.
  • Don’t try to make an answer come to you.
  • Discern the shapes and how the leaves sit together.
  • Don’t read the leaves in a timely manner.
  • The meaning of the leaves are there for you to interpret on your own.

How to Read Tea Leaves

You need to make sure that you are prepared to read your tea leaves. You can find information online about Tasseography or you can watch videos or buy books.


The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the right materials for the tea reading. Pick the right kind of tea and get a cup and a saucer that has a handle. The tea set is best if it is white.

Make sure your area is clean and clear and put a table cloth on the table. The tea isn’t made for you to drink and be merry, so you need to not add any extras to it. Take a little bit of tea leaves and put them into the cup. Pour boiling water into the cup and cover it with the saucer and let it steep for a few minutes.


Drink the tea and only leave a little bit of the leaves at the bottom. The person getting the reading will want to likely know their future and this is when you need to ask your spirit guides to give you help. Ask the question you want to know the answer to.

Take the cup with the handle in your left hand and then move the cup in a counter-clockwise fashion so the tea leaves swirl. This will make some of them stick to the bottom and some of them stick to the sides.

Put the cup on the saucer and leave it for a few minutes while the leaves settle. You should only do this with the person with you that wants to have the answers.

Make sure you have a clear mind and ask the question that you want answered. The handle of the cup is representative of the residence it is considered the “south point” of the compass.

The cup can be put into three parts: the rim, the side, and the bottom. The rim means the one getting the reading, the side means the event that is coming, and the bottom can mean the future. The symbols that come into the cup and that go closer to the handle are more likely to happen.

Knowing the Future

The reader takes the cup from the one getting the reading. Concentrate on the one getting the reading and look in their cup. Look at how the leaves are moved around. There will be some kind of pattern of lines, dots, circles, figures and more. Notice the different shapes and how they are formed.

Turn the cup around and look and see the different symbols that show up and look at them from the different sides. Notice how the lines and the figures work together. Notice the position of the leaves. Are the leaves close to the bottom or the top?

The prediction that you give will be based on the tea leaf symbols. You need to notice the symbols in order to do the reading. The teacup can tell a good outcome if there is a symbol in the right position.

The heart symbol can represent a relationship or also an “L” or even the name of the person the one the reader is waiting to meet. The relationship might be soon or in the distant future.

The crown symbol can mean success and if you are starting your own business then this can mean that you are taking on hard things and you will face a hard future.

Seeing the Symbols

Finding the symbols might be hard unless you see an actual figure, but it takes time and imagination to make it work. You have to use your intuition to be able to see the things in front of you. Don’t just make a decision.

Some symbols might be large while others are smaller. The bigger ones have a larger and more important purpose. A large circle can mean that you are going to get a bunch of money but a small circle and mean that you might get a little money.

Letters or Lines

You might see letters such as an “S” and this can have different meanings such as a serpent which would mean bad luck. This can also mean a bird that is flying, and it can mean you are going to get good news.  This letter can also mean that you are going to meet someone with that letter in their name.

The smaller tea leaves are the ones that will form the lines, and this can mean that you are going to be on a long journey. If a line ends before it gets to the handle, then that could mean that the person getting the reading should move to a different residence as a wave can mean that the person is going on a trip.


Dots in the reading can mean that something is coming. If it is close to the rim, then it can mean that the situation will happen soon. There are different interpretations of the meanings of the dots and of all of the different lines. You need to keep an open heart and an open mind when doing reading.

Ideas for Reading Tea Leaves

Here are some ideas to take into mind before doing your reading:

  • Notice the largest signs first and then the smaller ones.
  • The amount of shapes that are in the cup can be significant and mean a change in life.
  • Look at the spread and the shapes and see what area they are in.
  • Don’t get too out of control with your reading. Focus on what you are seeing and then interpret it.
  • Be slow. Let the person getting the reading hear what you are saying.
  • Keep a journal of the times that you do a reading and what the outcome was.

Symbols of Tasseography

Here are some of the meanings of the symbols in tea leaf reading:

  • Airplane: A project failed. Can also be a balloon or an aircraft.
  • Anchor: Means to prosper in business or relationships.
  • Angel: Something good in love is happening.
  • Apples: Long life and success is coming.
  • Arrows: A bad message is coming to you.
  • Axe: You are an overcomer.
  • Birds: Brings a good journey.
  • Boat: A friend will visit.
  • Bouquet of flowers: Overall good in all things.
  • Bridge: Something positive.
  • Butterfly: Having success.
  • Candle: Being enlightened.
  • Car: Getting wealthy.
  • Castle: Coming into money.
  • Circles: Money.
  • Clouds: Troubles.
  • Clover: Great luck.
  • Coffin: Sickness or death.
  • Compass: Travelling.
  • Cow: Prosperous.
  • Cross: Delay or death.
  • Crown: Success.
  • Dagger: Friends will help.
  • Dragon: Large changes.
  • Eagle: Honor.
  • Elephant: Good luck.
  • Fish: Good news.
  • Fox: Getting backstabbed by a friend.
  • Goat: Enemies:
  • Greyhound: Working hard is paying off.
  • Gun: Slander.
  • Hammer: Overcoming challenges:
  • Hat: Being successful.
  • Heart: Good things in love or money.
  • Horseshoe: Being successful in choosing love.
  • Hourglass: Danger.
  • House: Success in business.
  • Kettle: Death.
  • Kite: Long trip.
  • Knife: Disaster through hate.
  • Ladder: To travel.
  • Letters: Depends on the letters and the dots.
  • Lines: Journeys.
  • Moon: Peace and success.
  • Mountain: Power.
  • Mushroom: Separation of lovers.
  • Owl: Sickness or poorness.
  • Pear: Wealth.
  • People: Depends on what they are doing.
  • Pick: Jealous friend or faithful lover.
  • Pine tree: Being content.
  • Rabbit: Success.
  • Rat: Loss.
  • Reptiles: Arguing.
  • Ring: Marriage or other things.
  • Saw: Stranger trouble.
  • Scales: Lawsuit.
  • Scissors: Breaking up.
  • Shark: Death or danger.
  • Sheep: Success.
  • Ship: Journey.
  • Snakes: Bad omen.
  • Squares: Comfort.
  • Star: Good luck.
  • Swan: Good luck.
  • Sword: Arguing.
  • Trees: Good luck.
  • Triangles: Good luck, inheritance.
  • Umbrella: Annoyed.
  • Unicorn: Scandal.
  • Wheel: Getting an inheritance.
  • Worms: Secrets.

History of Tea Reading

This was first done by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nun. It took place about 2737 B.C. People were drinking tea and talking about their life and then some symbols came at the bottom of the cup.

Leaf reading is called tasseography and is a reading that has been found throughout history. These are rituals that are done often in Europe and China. Some people write about this now and it is seen in popular movies.

Best Tea to Use

It is best to use loose-leaf tea that can settle. This will leave behind the different leaves and sediments that can form different patterns, lines, and dots. This is the best tea for reading because of its size. Don’t use ones with fruit or flower buds.

You should do your reading when you use a tea set, and you can choose one that is patterned or one that is white. Don’t use designed cups that make you not able to see the patterns. Cups that are too light colored might make the reading messed up.

Coffee Tasseography

You can also use coffee if you want to do coffee reading. This is sometimes done by different countries and the cup is divided into horizontal sections with the handle being where the sitter sits and the bottom the future.

Final Thoughts

Tasseography is something that is done as future telling. It involves using coffee, tea, wine and other things and it relies on your intuition. Practice this and then when you are ready to do your own reading you can be successful.

If you need help, find books online. You can find ones that help you to do easier readings and can help you to practice your skills.

Being in a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship

There is no real class on not getting a terrible boy or girlfriend and there are people that just like the idea of being with someone. Dating someone is something that you give a chance and you either make it or you don’t. If you are like most everyone else, chances are that you will have a lot of bad relationships.

Being in a bunch of different toxic relationships can make it hard to deal with dating. The problem though is that there are people that go into toxic relationships because they make bad dating something that is a habit. They end up hurt and sad, but it happens.

People often put their partner as an object instead of a person and sometimes they take their partners as a prize instead of someone to share a relationship with.

Understanding Toxicity

A toxic relationship is one that happens when people put love over respect, affection, and trust. Love is not the only reason to stay in a relationship and there has to be other reasons that are listed. If you put love as the biggest reason to be in a relationship, then chances are that you are going to miss out on a relationship of respect and care.

You will put love first and you will see that your partner ends up cheating on you because you tolerate the way that they treat you. If you put love over affection, then you will have a partner that is there but that doesn’t open up to you.

People will tolerate being in a bad relationship because they have low self-esteem or because they allow their emotions to be in charge of what they are wanting.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

There are different kinds of toxic relationships and most of the time people ignore these signs. Instead of finding a healthy relationship, they allow their toxic relationships to be in control of who they are and what they want.

Keeping Score

Keeping score means that you date someone and they are always blaming you for things that you have done in the past. If you made a mistake in the past, they keep up with it like they are keeping score. This can end up causing fight after fight.

This kind of person will keep reminding you over and over about what you did wrong. This is toxic because they are taking the problems that you are having together, and they are focusing on things that you did in the past. They are manipulating you to make you feel guilty.

Most of the time in this situation the partners will spend all of their time trying to prove that they didn’t do anything wrong and that they are not as guilty as the other person.

How to Handle This

This issue needs to be dealt with and if you are with someone that is always cheating on you, there is a problem. If they tell you they do this because you cheated 10 years ago, this is unacceptable.

Passive Aggressiveness

This is when a person doesn’t say what they are feeling but they try to make their partner figure it out without saying it. They don’t say what upsets them and they do things to make their partner mad so then they can complain about them freely.

This shows that you are not able to communicate with each other and if one partner is always putting out hints, they fear being afraid of what they have to say.

How to Handle This

The best thing that you can do is to express what you are feeling. You have to openly communicate if you want the relationship to have love and support.

Blackmailing Commitment

When a person has a complaint in the relationship and will threaten the whole relationship. This can be a situation such as if your partner is angry, instead of saying, “you seem angry,” they say, “I can’t be with someone who is always angry at me.”

This is called relationship hostage, and this means that even when the partner does something small, it can make the relationship seem like it is going to end. This happens because the person feels that they aren’t able to communicate what they are feeling and there is a lot of distrust.

How to Handle This

You can get mad at your partner, and you won’t always like what they do. This is normal. You can be with someone and not like everything that they do, and you can fix this by talking to each other without being judgmental.

Blaming Your Partner

Some people will blame their partner for what they are feeling. They will get frustrated with their partner because of something they are going to do like go out with their friends and then when they lash out, they will think you are insensitive. This happens when one person wants their partner to always base their day on your emotional state.

This is dangerous because you can’t blame your partner for everything that happens in your life. They have to have boundaries and your partner can’t make you feel good about yourself all the time. This is a codependent relationship.

The problem with this is that it causes people to resent each other. It makes there be frustration and bitterness and it can lead to manipulation of feelings and wants.

How to Fix This

You have to be responsible for what you are feeling. Your emotions are yours and your partner doesn’t have to be obligated to make you feel better all the time. The times that they choose to be with you should be because that is what they choose and not because of how you are feeling.

Being Jealous

This happens when one partner gets upset when their partner talks, texts, or hangs out with someone else. This can be overdone, and the partner will get angry no matter what they do with the opposite sex, and they get angry to try and control their partner. This can cause them to start looking into your phone, reading your messages and your email, and following you places.

Some people think that this is cute, but this is actually dangerous and toxic. The jealous partner feels that their partner doesn’t love them, and it can make them act crazy. If your partner cannot trust you enough to be around other people, they don’t trust you and they just want to control you.

How to Fix This

You need to trust your partner. You need to not make jokes about being jealous and you need to make sure that you are controlling your feelings.

Buying Things

When problems come into the relationship, the partner will buy things to try to make the problem go away or be ignored. One example of this is when parents get divorced and so they buy big things like a swimming pool for the kids so that they don’t have to feel bad.

Buying stuff for someone doesn’t make the problems go away. This situation will only make people get madder before the situation is actually solved. This can also cause women to get more upset with the man so that he can buy her more stuff or vice versa.

How to Fix This

Deal with whatever is going on and stop trying to cover it up with buying things. There is nothing wrong with doing nice things for each other but make sure that you are doing this because you love each other and not because you are trying to suck up.

Finding a Good Relationship

When a relationship is toxic, it affects everyone. Here are some ways that you can change your relationship and make it work:

  • Both you and your partner make plans to change. There has to be a willingness to make things work.
  • Both partners realize that there has to be affection, trust, and respect. They both have to want things to get better and agree to work through things.
  • There has to be open communication without blaming from both partners.

Fixing a toxic relationship can be hard and if you can’t fix it though, you need to just end it and find one that won’t be toxic in your life. Once you are ready to turn your toxic relationship into something good, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. You can talk to someone such as a counselor if you need help.