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Using Root Magic as a Witch

Using Root Magic as a Witch

Do you feel like your life and your witch crafting are two completely different things? Do you wish that you could add your crafting to your life and that you would not feel that you are so stressed when you want to do spells and other things?

Since we live in a world where we are always so busy, it can be easy to feel stressed when we have to do things. When we live in a place where there are people all around us such as an apartment and we don’t know any of them, we will see our personal lives as separate from who and what we are.

There are different ways that you can think about the world around you and some people think that things are always separate and that they have to be. They think that things have to be categorized or that separation can be hard. Even witches will often separate their lives from their magic, and this can cause them to miss out on things.

Separating Magic and Life

One thing that you have to understand is that your magic should be part of everything that you do in your life. There should be things that you can do to bring magic in everything that you do and think. You should feel that your magic is a part of your life and that your life is a part of your magic and not two different or separate things. When you put magic in everything that you do in your life, you will see that you can train yourself to not be separated so much.

Look at your job. Most people will not want to bring their life and their job together. They want to keep their home separate from the work that they do because they don’t want this to be included in their family time. Then think about your friends and family. Most people want to keep their friends separate from their family members.

People like to keep their work and their hobbies, or their home life and their hobbies separate. We often even keep our clothes separate such as work and home clothing. The way that we think can be helpful in some things in our life, but it can also hold us back in other things. If we put separation in all things in our life, we will be separate from things that can work together for the good.

When you feel that your magic is something completely separate from your life, you will see that your crafting will never be what you want it to be. Some witches are not ever going to be happy with putting their spiritual practices and their magic separate. This can lead them to feel that they are not real witches and that they are an imposter or a bad witch. These are problems that many witches will feel each day, but you can change the way that you think.

Roots of Witchcraft

People often look at traditional witchcraft as something that is more important because they have never looked at more modern magic and they have failed to see that you can put magic in everything in your life. Witches in the past would take an idea and would live with magic in their everyday life. These people would take time to go out in nature and they would always be surrounded by the idea of magic.

These people would interact with the world and their magic as the same thing, and this made them connected more with the universe. They were people that were able to heal, and they were able to talk to the spirits. These people were never separating their life from their magic, they were magic.

Most witches want this in their life. They want to be connected to the spiritual world and they want to be able to use magic in everything that they do. In order for this to happen, they have to look at the roots of where their magic comes from. The more modern witches do not have anything to look at because their crafting is new, and they don’t really have the roots.

This is why it is harder for them to incorporate magic when they do everything int heir life such as working or driving. Crafting has to be put first in your life and not just incorporated or else you will never get where you want.

You can have a deeper root in your witchcraft by thinking about your magic and how you put it in your life and in your world. You can think about the new things that you practice, and you can even read books and do more spells, but you don’t have to do this. The most important thing is to change your mindset on how you see your magic.

Each thing in your life is based around magic and energy will be everywhere you are. This is part of your connection with the universe. This is energy that is in your pet, your neighbor, your sister, your couch, your plant, and everything around you. Everything around you has energy and there is nothing that is void of energy.

That means that when you are magical or not magical that everything has a magical energy, rather you see it or not. Magic is something that we cannot do without. The problem isn’t that you don’t have magic in your life, but the problem is that you are trained to think that you need to go deeper into your magic when you just need to open your eyes and see that it is part of your everyday life.

What Keeps Your Magic?

What holds magic in your own life? The truth is everything is full of magic. You can get overwhelmed when you think of this and you need to not completely start seeing magic everywhere, but you need to change the way that you work with magic. You need to change your mind to not think of your life as a failure but as magic all around you. Find things in your life that you can really connect with magic. Look at things you do and see what kind of magic you can use in these things.

Your ancestors and the witches of the past would use magic in everything that they did. They would plant things and use magic, or they would interact with the spirit world each day. Some people in this day will have a hard time connecting because they do not have access to nature and other things, but this should not stop you. Being in nature is a way to enjoy the world and magic around you but you can add magic to everything that is around you, even if you are in the city.

You have to find ways to connect with the magic around you. There are different ways that you can do this and whatever you choose is not wrong. One person might do it differently than you do it and that is okay. You have to find out how you can connect with things and what you can do to explore the magic in it.

People often connect with things that they can by talking to the universe or the spirit guides. They will find spirits in everything that they have. They will be able to find magic in everything that they do in their life. You might want to connect with your energy, and you can use your giftings as a psychic to do that.

The goal is to find things in your life that you can change and that you can incorporate magic in your subconscious thinking. You can actively do magic even when you don’t see it. You have to be more aware that magic is all around you and know that you can use your roots in your life more than you ever imagined. You can practice this and be aware of the magic that your life has and whatever you can do to connect with it, even effortlessly.

Finding Your Roots

Figure out what you can do to be more aware of the world around you. You can make a list about all of the things that bring magic into your life. You can learn more about energy, auras, chakras and whatever will help you to know more about magic. This will help you to see things in a spiritual way and help you to live your life to the fullest. If you live in a city, you can connect with things in the electrical sense.

You can communicate with the mechanical part of the magic, and you can learn to read the energy in front of you. Find the crystals that will help you to keep your energy strong and listen to different witch podcasts that can help you to be strong when you cannot get into nature.

Find magic in the hobbies that you do in your everyday life. Figure out how to incorporate magic in knitting, biking, baking and whatever you are doing. You will find that you can see magic in everything that happens around you.

All you have to do is to look at how your life is and see that there are magic roots all around you. Magic is there and you just have to change your mind to be able to see it and embrace it. If you want to be more aware of the magic around you, open up your conscious mind and see it.

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