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Managing Major Life Changes

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Sooner or later, by choice or by circumstance, you’ll likely find yourself facing the opportunity to start your life over. Maybe you’re ending a long-term relationship, moving to a new city (or a new country!), committing to a healthier way of life, or changing careers. Whatever the change is, you’re certain to experience different feelings amid the upheaval, and likely to face some major challenges. Simply put, you’re beginning your life again!

While change is never easy, there are certain steps you can take to make this period of change more manageable, and to ensure that you’ll come out the other side thriving. Here’s a short list of six things you can do to ease the transition as you start your life over.

  1. Envision the Life You Want

This time of facing change presents a great opportunity for you to do some soul-searching regarding how you want your new life to look and feel. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What about my old life was unfulfilling?
  • What should my new priorities be?
  • What would truly make me happy?
  • If I could do or be anything, what would that be?

Use these questions as a jumping-off point to dream up your new path, and to start yourself down it on the right foot.

  1. Start a Journal

start over 3

This time of transition is the ideal time to put pen to paper, or to start a new document on your computer, to jot down your feelings about starting your life over. Write out your goals, your needs, your fears and your expectations. You may also want to include some inspirational quotes.

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Don’t worry about writing in complete sentences. Maybe don’t  even write at all! You might prefer to draw pictures instead. Well, go ahead! The important thing is that you’re creating a record of your journey. This record will help you stay on track, so you can get to where it is you want to be.

  1. Don’t Forget about Self-Care

During this time, it’s important to focus enough attention on yourself. The stress of wanting to start your life over will likely be difficult to manage. Don’t let caring for yourself fall by the wayside. Be sure to have a strong self-care routine in place. This routine is critical for transitioning with ease.

Be sure that you’re getting enough sleep, and that you’re exercising and eating right. Also, be sure to devote time to positive thinking. This is not the time to waste your energy being around people who are discouraging, or who may be trying to dissuade you from achieving your goals.

  1. Take the First Step

start over 2

Whatever it is that you’re embarking on or moving towards, it won’t happen until you take the first step. Every new beginning starts with one simple step. It continues as you take another, then another, then another.

If you’re ending a relationship, get rid of your ex’s stuff, and clear out the photos that remind you of the relationship. If you’re seeking a new career path, revisit your resume. If you’ve decided to make a significant lifestyle change, clear your pantry of foods that will keep you from meeting your goal.

  1. Stay on Track by Asking for Help

As you start your life over, enlist the help of a supportive friend or family member to be your accountability partner. Having a “cheerleader” as you go through this transition will help you feel less alone and make you more likely to keep going, even when it’s difficult.

This person can act as a sounding board for you as you make this transition. The partner should also be able to listen to your progress, and encourage you to remain on this new path if you get discouraged.

  1. Look Back on Your Progress

As you continue on your journey, don’t forget to look back from time to time to see how far you’ve come. Seeing this tangible transformation over time will continue to inspire you as you do the work to start your life over.

Every now and then, page back through your journal and read a few old entries, or scroll through photos of your past life to remind yourself of who you were then and who you’re becoming. You might even consider meditating on what your life would be like, right now, if you didn’t make a change.

Those six easy steps will help you face significant life changes with courage and self-awareness. They’ll help you grow as you move on and transition into your new life.


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Choosing The Good Thoughts and The Law of Attraction

As a psychic consultant, I address a wide range of various individuals. It’s an intriguing job. Individuals are unpredictable but then share such a variety of likenesses. Something that interests and rouses me is seeing the Law of Attraction at work in my guests’ lives. The same number of you know, this is the guideline of showing your objectives and yearnings through positive thinking. Working with the rule that “Thoughts get to be things,” it gets to be clear that we ought to pick the great musings. In any case, by what method would we be able to really place this into practice?

positivity 1

Worriers From an Early Age

We have learned to be adept worriers from an early age. We see our parents and the adults around us worrying and learn from them to do it ourselves. It’s actually a method we use as humans to feel “safe” and be prepared for any eventuality. Ironically, it has the opposite effect, leaving us feeling stressed, exhausted and trapped in a never-ending cycle of negative thinking. In my experience, many people could list endless ways a situation could go wrong, but rarely can they visualize the numerous ways in which it could go right.

Pretend It’s Yours

To simplify the manifestation process, I recommend visualizing your desired end result clearly. Perhaps it is a secret wish that you have not shared, or something you have presumed to be just beyond your grasp. Feel the happiness, the gratitude, the sheer exhilaration, as if your desire has already manifested and it is yours. Hold on to that feeling and see the mental image in detail. In my experience, the universe delivers time after time—sometimes in the most surprising ways!

Turn Your Thoughts Around

positivity 2Being mindful of your thoughts is a wonderful way to bring a sense of balance to your life. Sometimes people are unaware of just how negative their thoughts are and they reinforce the negativity with language. Think about how often people thoughtlessly exclaim, “Typical!” or “Just my luck!” when something negative happens in their lives. But if you can turn your thoughts around, you can make it so the great things are typical for you. Don’t expect the worst. Don’t hedge your bets. Don’t worry about tempting fate. Allow yourself to believe that you can have and achieve everything you’ve hoped for.

Reinforce With Gratitude

Focusing on gratitude can help us avoid attaching a neediness or desperation to those things we want. That neediness reinforces a feeling of lack and as I have discovered, energy begets energy. Count your blessings and soon you will count more. This has to be a conscious decision for many of us as our negative thought patterns and words can be a matter of habit, ingrained over the years. In spare moments, many of us replay negative past experiences and project those feelings onto present and future scenarios. But you can break the pattern and change the habit. Practice makes perfect after all. Spend a few minutes every day allowing yourself to fully believe that you deserve to be happy and see very clearly in your mind’s eye the outcomes you most desire.

Make positive changes by choosing happiness and gratitude this year. Expect the best, be ready to receive it and then see what unfolds. It has been scientifically proven that optimism and mindfulness are actually good for your health and absolutely fantastic for stress management. 2016 could be an abundant year!

Signs That You Are In A Good Relationship

Most individuals involved in complicated relationships because people are complicated. At the point when two individuals find each other despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, their desires might be distinctive. Two particular identities that each convey distinctive things can have a great deal of issues. It’s no big surprise that most connections are makeshift. You may wind up attempting to choose in the event that you are in a decent relationship.

good relationship 4“I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.” – Roy Croft

What do you think are the characteristics of a good romantic partner? Is it time to commit to the person you have been dating? An intuitive reading may help to clarify the situation.

It takes time and energy to build a good relationship. Relationships are not instant. You may be attracted to someone “at first sight”, but you shouldn’t have unconditional trust and love until you get to know them. You will have to figure out if it’s worth it to keep investing time, energy and emotion in your romance. Ask yourself: what is a successful relationship? Standards may vary among couples, but there are some important signs that you are in a healthy, happy relationship.

10 Signs of a Good Relationship

  1. Equal Partners

The ideal couple, in today’s world, are equal partners. They make decisions as partners. Deal with finances jointly and share responsibilities. There should be a balance in what each brings to the relationship. Partners give and receive in equal proportion most of the time. In the past, men dominated women and handled all decisions that the couple made. In modern society, some couples (both men and women) still enjoy allowing one partner to “take care” of another. More and more men are taking care of the children while the women work. There are also some more traditional relationships out there, where women run the households and don’t contribute financially. Whatever the roles you take, each person needs to be comfortable with their responsibilities in the relationship. You may not seem to fit the current ideal for equal partners, but if you are comfortable and happy, you are on the right track. Usually, you want to feel like your partner would be a good parent. If you have children from a previous relationship or want children in the future, keep this in mind.

  1. Communications

good relationship 2To be secure together, you have to understand each other truly. You can achieve this understanding through open communication. Both parties must feel free to tell each other anything. They need to know that their partner is listening. Both of you need to be open to feedback and respectful of the other person’s need to vent.

  1. Chemistry

You attract each other at every level. Intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional attraction are important. If you are bored with your partner, this is a bad sign. If you enjoy talking to them but are not interested in a physical relationship, this is a friendship. There is nothing wrong with having friends. The chemistry should be in all areas to have a romantic relationship. It’s important that you are proud of your partner. You both enjoy each others’ company, and you are not ashamed to introduce them to your friends and family.

  1. Trust

You should be secure in each other. This sense of security may be a feeling that grows within your relationship. At some point, it becomes acknowledged that you have each other’s back. If you are in an exclusive monogamous relationship, there is no suspicion or fear that the other party is cheating. Trust is based on self-esteem and experience.

  1. Respect

You must feel like you are with someone that is worthy. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration. This feeling is mutual. You both admire each other’s abilities and qualities. Each partner should also treat the other partner’s friends and family with respect. If your partner tries to separate you from your family of origin or doesn’t want to meet your friends, this is a warning sign. Each person takes responsibility for their feelings and behaviors. There should be no blame and no shame in a healthy relationship.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love,”

— Robert Fulghum

  1. Joy

good relationship 1Your partner should make you laugh. You should be able to laugh together. In each other’s company, you should experience happiness, not fear or insecurity. When people pair off, they should feel that they are enjoying themselves. A joyless couple has no future, or a bleak future at best.

  1. Acceptance

When you can enjoy spending time together, you are on the right track. In a successful relationship, it’s important that you accept each other as you are. Each of you may have bad habits. You will both have wonderful assets. Acceptance of both the bad and the good is essential. You must not invest time and energy in trying to control or “fix” the other person. If your partner is belittling or trying to change your views or behavior, take this as proof that there is a major flaw. The relationship is destined to fail if you want to change each other.

  1. Compromise

In any long-term relationship, compromises must be made. If you have disagreements, you should allow the other person’s opinions. There are some couples that belong to different religions, political parties or have diverse beliefs. If you respect each other, you should willing to allow them their beliefs. Many arguments and disagreements require the ability of both sides to “give a little”. No two people agree on everything. You must allow the other party their views. Compromises achieved through emotional blackmail, whining, and finger-pointing are not true compromises.

  1. Affection

good relationship 3If you are with an amazing person but you don’t feel like you care that much, it may be time to move on. Sometimes love grows with respect over time. It may also grow in one person and not another. We all have more than one soulmate in each incarnation. There are many possible partners. Don’t settle for less. Sometimes you find you are in a deep and unromantic friendship. Even though the relationship is wonderful, romance is missing. You may need to let your partner go. Set them free so they can find someone who can love and appreciate them. You need that same freedom.

  1. Encouragement

It is often said that healthy couples bring out the best in each other. A relationship is healthy when each person encourages the other to succeed. There is no fear that one will outgrow the other. A healthy relationship should nurture the freedom of each partner to pursue individual interests, education, and personal growth. You both enjoy doing things together and are happy when your partner has success outside of the relationship. Remember that relationships don’t come with guarantees. Recognizing a potential romantic partner does not mean that it is destined to be. True empowerment is learning to recognize when you are on the right path. An intuitive reading may help you sort through the complex maze of compatibility and commitment.

Dating After Losing a Spouse

spouse death 3After your loved one dies, your life will turn upside down. Whether that person was your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, and no matter how long you’ve been together, your whole life will change. What you planned to do together in the future has suddenly gone. Christmas and New Year will never be the same again and times you spent together before will be only memories that you will cherish. However, life must go on, with the longing for intimacy and love.

Dating after losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you can do in life. You are trying hard to open yourself up to another person, knowing that you may experience that loss again. You may have the feeling that you are betraying the memory of the person you love. You may feel unfair to the new person because they aren’t the person you intended to spend your life with. All these are normal feelings. Dating after death is a big emotional battle, however, you can overcome all these negative feelings and survive.

What You Need to Know About Dating After losing someone

First thing that you need to know is that there is Nothing called “the right time”. In the beginning, you will almost certainly be overwhelmed with loss the way you feel that there is no room for dating. But over time, this feeling will vanish gradually and good times you remember will turn to memories, and you start to have that feelings that you’re ready to date—your heart will start to beat when a man on the street makes lingering eye contact, for example. This could be months, or could be years. Grief is a characteristic feature and it differs from one to another. For some people, especially older ones who suddenly find themselves alone for the first time in years, loss may lead to depression. For others, losing someone stimulates them to maintain life. There is no a definite “right” thing to do when it comes to dating.

spouse death 22

Once you start dating, one question comes up which is “how open you should be to your date?” It’s difficult to answer, since every relationship is different. However, you need to be honest with your new partner. That doesn’t mean identifying yourself as a widow on your Personal profile, or talking about the funeral on the first date. But when relationship comes up, you should be honest. Part of being honest is to tell your new partner about your loss, because they have a right to know that you have been hurt, and you still have sorrow and memories that might be different from their experience.

You should tell them about your loss because, in some ways, there is no a certain time for “getting over it.” Dating doesn’t mean you stop loving or missing a person, and start loving another. Even if you are happy with the new partner, memories with your old partner can come back. This is normal. We are humans, not robots. We can’t lock our emotions and feelings. It’s more complex than that.

Also, it is not fair to make comparisons between your deceased and new love. But your new partner should also be willing to accept the fact that there will always be part of you dealing with loss, and he or she won’t be a perfect fit for that hole because no two people are the same. Humans are complicated and difficult beings, and every relationship comes with its own tension. Always be open with what you are feeling, and respect your partner’s jealousy—a perfectly human behavior—together, you can work things out.

However, your new love should understand that you can’t change your past and your past is part of you and you can’t simply give it up. You have been honest with him or her from the beginning. He or she should be there to help you overcome these negative feelings and emotions, and not stress you more.

The most important thing is that you have a right to be happy. Being happy again with someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that you are betraying your old love. After all, he or she loved you, and part of love is wishing happiness for their partner. We are social creatures. Life never stays the same, life has always been rise and fall, but at the end, you are a human being, a creature who needs love and care.

Some people think it is romantic never to date again. And It is fine if you decide so, because you have the right to live your life the way you want it to be. But it isn’t a betrayal, nor is it a failure, to feel that first romantic spark with someone else, to date, and to fall in love again after the death of your partner. As long as you are honest toward yourself and your partners, you can move on. The past will always be a part of us and that doesn’t mean the future is blocked off.

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The Advantages of Not Living Together

not living together 1

Are you thinking about moving in with your partner? 

Keeping the mystery alive in your relationship could be a reason not to cohabitate.  Another reason is keeping the mystery alive.  One of the key components of romance is leaving something to the imagination.    If you partner is super neat and you are incredibly messy, your romance may suffer when you bring these two personality types together.

But you may also see the good side; you love being together, wouldn’t living together be ideal?  This may make sense in the first stages of relationships, but living apart can also help keep things fresh. Its not just people in long term relationships that are doing this. Some couples who are married are also choosing to live apart.

Keeping your Independence

not living together 2

The group LAT (Living Apart Together) is a conglomerate of people who are in committed relationships who are exclusively attached to each other, but choose to live apart.  The people in this group tout the benefits of staying independent.

The ability to take a break

Some who choose to live apart say that LAT provides them with a place to embrace their true quirky selves  without having to compromise on chores, temperatures, television volume, etc.  They can also take a break from the world without being afraid they are insulting their partner.

Having the Ability to End Things Without Entanglements

One of the prime times for couples to move in together is when they become engaged.  Whether or not they acknowledge it, this is a test of  their ability to make compromises on their living space.  This, however, can lead to other complications.  If the living situation doesn’t work out, the partnership has to dissolve all of the shared assets, not to mention having to get along with someone you are not in love with.

not living together 3

Appreciation for Time Spent Together

If you see someone every day, you can grow to take each other for granted. Also, you may begin to get on each others nerves for minute reasons that you would have never noticed if you weren’t together all of the time.

There are good sides of living apart. Romance may last longer because of the mystery. You can keep your independence, you can also end things if you want/need to, and you can gain a better appreciation of each other.

Understanding The Meaning of Your Dreams

Your Dreams Are Insightful!

Are you having a hard time remembering your dreams? Do you often wonder what your dream meant? Some people have better dream recall than others but everyone dreams. Have you experience sitting down, looking at nothing and your mind goes round and round trying to remember what your dream is? I can help you remember and understand your dreams! 


Diary of Your Dreams

One way to help improve your dream recall is to keep a dream journal. Buy a journal and keep it on your bedside table with a pen or pencil. Or if you’re more tech savvy, record your voice recalling your dream. After a night of dreaming, try to recall what you remember in your dream journal upon waking.  The more you do this, the easier it will be to recall your dreams. Just give this process three weeks and you will start to remember more of what is in your dreams.

Record Every Detail

No matter how you choose to keep track of your dreams, make sure you record every detail you can recall. Even the most minor details have meaning. Be sure to consider your senses and think about the following questions: What did you see, hear, feel, taste and smell? Where were you? Were you near water, in a forest, in a house or in the desert? Who was there? Did you recognize anyone? How did their presence make you feel? Have you had this dream before?

A Deeper Meaning

Each detail leads to a deeper meaning. Sometimes dreams answer questions or offer solutions. Sometimes they help us deal with stressful situations. Some dreams even tell us what’s about to happen. So when you record your dreams, think about what’s going on in your life (at home or at work) and see if there is a connection. You may be surprised to know that there is usually a connection.


The Astrology Connection

Be sure to include the date of your dream. Often, there is an astrological or numerological connection. Astrology and numerology are fun ways to take your dream interpretation to the next level. As a numerologist, I can add that deeper level of analysis to your reading.

Dream Dictionaries

You may have seen a dream dictionary in the bookstore. A dream dictionary often includes common dream elements and explains them. If you lose teeth in a dream, the dictionary explains what that means. If you fly in your dream or if you are near a river or ocean in your dream, the dream dictionary can tell you what all those symbols mean. However, what’s true for one person may not be true for you.

I love dream analysis! It’s one of my most-favorite requests from my callers. It’s really rewarding for me when I make a connection between a caller’s dream and something they’ve been struggling with. Then I give them next steps, if appropriate. I also really love tying numerology into a dream analysis reading, because dates and numbers play an important role too! If you’re stumped by a dream, call me! Let’s figure it out together.

Still In-Touch With Your Ex?

why-your-ex-texts-stays-in-touchHow would you feel if you ran into your ex somewhere? Would you greet them or would you find a place to hide? Do you hope that you will continue to communicate and stay in touch? Is it possible to be friends with someone who was once the most important person in your world?

You Know Them Well

Someone you used to love not easily removed from your memory. You have shared memories and emotions and experiences.   These are not easy things to just put aside and erase?

Two Things

Some think that keeping in touch with your ex can only hurt you and delay the healing process. Some also think its possible to maintain  friendship with your ex.  Here a few things to consider:

  • Time To Move On!

heart girlSome times you shouldn’t try to be friends with an ex-love.  If they treated you badly during the course of your relationship, you should not try to be their friend.  If you lost the spark somewhere and think you may be sticking around in hopes that you can rekindle the flame, you shouldn’t be friends.  If you have a tendency to over glamorize the past and over reminisce, you shouldn’t be friends.  If it didn’t work the first time, it’s highly unlikely that it will work this time.

  • Don’t Let Go!

Just because it didn’t work out romantically, it doesn’t mean you cant be friends. You do know each other well. You know what you like and don’t like.  You have a solid foundation for a friendship. it doesn’t mean a friendship won’t work out either. But it’s not a good idea to jump into a friendship right away

  • A Healthy Friendship

This type of friendship can work if you keep in touch and truly care about your ex and their well being. You can still celebrate shared events and most importantly, you can be supportive.

Some Challenges

If you don’t set clear boundaries with your ex, it may be difficult to maintain a friendship.  when this happens, your romance may spark up again, this would  be problematic if you have already moved on to a new partner.   If you do have a new love, be open and honest about your past relationships.  Be sensitive to the feelings of all concerned.

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Six Tips that Women Can Follow to Avoid Some of the Most Common Dating Mistakes


First-date hopes are often shattered early on by mistakes women make whether they meant to or not.  You meet a great guy and want to go out on a date with him. You’ve had a lively conversation and were very engaging and open-minded. But for some reason, he doesn’t call you the next day, or the day after that. Days or weeks go by and you find yourself lamenting with your girlfriends, trying to figure out what you did wrong. Again.

Following are six tips that women can follow to avoid some of the most common mistakes made before going out with a guy on a date.

  1. Be prompt in your replies.

Texting knockout happens when you knock yourself out of the dating ring before you’ve even had the chance to get in. You may have been delaying your responses to his texts because you don’t want to seem desperate. But there’s a fine line between playing hard-to-get and truly being unavailable. If you wait too long to respond to his texts, he may lose interest.

  1. Be interesting.

Some women hint to guys that they need to bring excitement into their lives, because their lives are so-o-o boring without them. They may say things like, “I’m tired” or “I have to go to this family thing, but I don’t want to,” or answer every question with “I dunno, sort of, I guess…” But all that really does is make you look like you’re seeking pity and makes you seem boring. Guys are drawn to interesting women. Be interesting! Have interesting plans and interesting friends. Make your life exciting. Don’t rely on a guy to make it exciting for you.

  1. Confirm your date.

It’s common courtesy for a guy to confirm your date several hours before you’re supposed to meet up. But if he doesn’t confirm, don’t go ballistic or assume that something’s seriously wrong. Simply take the initiative and reach out to him to confirm the date. But if you find out there really wasn’t anything keeping him from confirming with you, it may show that he isn’t all that excited about going out with you.

  1. download (7)Dress appropriately.

Guys like women who dress sexy. But that doesn’t mean you should wear a micro-mini skirt to go ice skating, or stiletto heels to a corn maze. Dressing sexy isn’t as important as acting sexy, though. Charm him with your words, not your body. If you wear provocative clothing on your first date, you’re giving him the impression that he might get lucky later that night. If that’s something you’re not interested in on a first date, you should probably err on the side of caution and tone down the wardrobe.

  1. Tell the truth.

Lying happens a lot, especially when people first meet online. They lie about their age, their profession, their relationship status and even their gender. The hope is that when they actually meet the person face-to-face that they’ve been talking to online, all will be forgiven. But you don’t need to lie, and you shouldn’t. If a man isn’t mature enough to accept the real you, you shouldn’t waste your time with him. On the flip side, don’t get too excited about anyone you meet online. They could be lying to you.

  1. 2015-NEW-Fsahion-6-colors-Big-Space-Owl-Print-Carteira-Women-Wallets-Ladies-Clutch-Carteras-FemininasBring some spare cash.

One a first date, who’s supposed to pay? Some people think that the person who initiated the date should pay. Others believe that the guy should always pay. But most guys appreciate it when a woman offers to pay for her half, and many women prefer to pay their own way. It makes them feel independent, and it keeps guys from feeling entitled to sex later. So bring along some cash. And if you do offer to pay for your half, be sure to be sincere about it. Don’t slo-o-owly reach into your purse in the hopes that your date will offer to cover it. Also, bring enough to cover an Uber ride home, just in case he picked you up in his car and the date looks like it’s not going to end well.

You Have A Choice to Change Your Life

download (5)Everything we do in life is a choice, and I think most of us realize that. But what most people don’t seem to realize is that everything we don’t do in life is also a choice. Every day we choose to do some things and to not do other things.

Most people would like to change their life in one way or another. How about you? Are there areas of your life that you would like to change?

You Have a Choice

But, I am here to tell you that what seems to be impossible is indeed possible. First and foremost, we have a choice. This choice is where it all begins to change; it’s where we choose to come out from beneath the dark cloud under which we reside and step out into the sun. It is fear that keeps us in our pain, locking us into our retreat from life. Having been stuck in this kind of pain for many years myself, I finally came to understand that happiness is a choice. And, it was a choice I had to make before my life could change for the better.

images (6)Seek Guidance from Loved Ones

Once the choice is made to make a change, it is important for us to decide what things we’d like to change. The difficult part lies in making daily choices and decisions that would affect or create the change that is desired. Seeking guidance through this process from our loved ones can be a valuable tool. Oftentimes, our loved ones see things from the outside that we might not be able to see because we are stuck on the inside.

Seek Spiritual Guidance

Additionally, seeking spiritual guidance when we desire change can be invaluable. We walk through life creating and continuing patterns that can cause some of the negative things that we’ve experienced, so one of the most valuable tools we can use is reaching out for direction on how to break those patterns and overcome the obstacles we face that keep us stuck. Sometimes, it’s as simple as being pointed in the right direction. Finding someone that we connect with when reaching out for this guidance is important, as it’s both the information, as well as the delivery of the information, that can prompt the change that is necessary. As a psychic, I come from a place that is understanding and empathic, but not everyone responds well to that approach. The most important thing is to find someone you can trust to help guide you through some of the change.

Surround Yourself with Good Examples

images (5)And, finally, surround yourself with people who have implemented the kind of change you want to see in your own life. This is probably one of the healthiest things we can do because we learn so well by watching others. We all have people in our lives who we’ve admired and others that leave a lot to be desired. Start spending more time with the people in your life who are happy. They will inspire you to follow this path yourself and teach you how it can be accomplished.

So don’t let another day pass where you’re still stuck in your pain. Today can be the day that everything changes. The choice is yours.

4 Ways of Attaining a Conscious Relationship


One of life’s great challenges is creating a healthy relationship. Getting on someone’s wavelength can be a grueling, near-impossible task that does not come with guidance or instructions. Most of the time, though, it is worth evaluating you own decisions; selfishness, in particular, can quickly drive an otherwise loving relationship to ruin.

As such, there is a lot to be gained by working towards making your relationship a ‘conscious’ one. This entails making sure that both yourself and your partner are both working towards a state of growth; in turn, that requires focusing on both individual growth as well as a unified growth as a couple.

What kind of growth, exactly? The kind that makes the world brighter. Unfortunately, most people throughout history initiate relationships for their own personal goals. However, if you are not focused on working together to achieve this unified growth, your relationship is more likely to leave you dissatisfied.

The ‘intention of growth,’ as it is called, can provide you with mutual satisfaction. Your relationship can become more than a mission for self-gratification, which is better for all involved. Here, then, are four tips for achieving ‘next-level’ love in your progression to conscious love.

First things first: focus on growth instead of the outcome of the relationship

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By all means, you can daydream about the way your relationship will turn out. Your first port of call, however, should be focusing on growth. Stasis is the greatest enemy of progression, so your level of satisfaction will automatically stop if you cease to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Furthermore, to ignore your own growth in favor of your partner’s is to cage yourself in their growth. You are unable to engender your own growth if you are simply not focused on it. Once again, this corrupts the balance of your relationship and causes it to become unsatisfying.

Indeed, growth can be terrifying; you may consider the risk of outgrowing one another, which would be ‘too much growth.’ Alas, collective growth strengthens the relationship by keeping it truly alive, and the risk of drifting apart becomes miniscule in comparison with non-conscious relationships.

Respect Your Triggers

Everyone brings some form of negativity to a relationship, whether it’s the hurt that lingers from a previous relationship or emotional wounds that have no correspondence to romance in general. Rejection and abandonment are two particularly common feelings that one can expect to experience in a new relationship—especially if you expect to emphasize growth.

Another misconception is the idea that negative emotions are detrimental to your relationship. However, these are your negative emotions, not your partner’s, and they are caused by dysfunctional patterning. Your own beliefs are to blame for your pessimism.

Facing your faulty belief systems is an essential part of conscious growth, so the conscious couple should prioritize this area despite its difficulty. Take responsibility for your own dysfunctional patterning, and you will be on track to attaining a much stronger relationship.

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Disregard All Manner of Judgment

Conscious relationships require partners to feel free to feel whatever is natural to them without fear of judgement from their partner. Of course, this can only come after the previous point about taking responsibility for one’s actions. Truly naked desire can be dangerous for any relationship, but when it is totally accepted, it can be the most freeing thing imaginable.

Finding the courage to be completely honest with your partner is one thing, but what often goes unmentioned is the importance of allowing them to be brutally honest with you. Certain things may be difficult to hear, but working past these negative reactions is essential for ensuring your relationship is the strongest it can possibly be.

Remember: the reason you alter your self-image around other people is to feel more comfortable in yourself. That, however, only serves to limit your personal growth all the more; by extension, it limits your collective growth with your partner. Radical honesty (and its acceptance) is essential to strengthening your bond as a couple.

Love is a Practice, Not a State of Being

To love is to enter a state of vulnerability. It’s a practice that includes acceptance and forgiveness. Most people make the mistake of treating love like it is a destination; people become unsatisfied when the feeling of ‘love’ is absent, and treat their relationship like something has gone horribly wrong.

The truth is that love appears in the nuances of a relationship, an exploration that forces you to question whether your approach to your partner is actually a form of practicing love. Every act of practicing love, furthermore, is different, which allows your relationship to blossom in new, interesting, and ultimately satisfying ways.

To be a conscious couple is to rely on that growth, and to trust love to appear in strange, beautiful ways.

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