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History of the Crystal Ball

History of the Crystal Ball

Divination tools have been used for many years, even back to the ancient times. The history of the crystal ball is surrounded by the idea of a divine orb surrounding people. The crystal ball is considered a mystery and is used by psychics all around the world and is in many different films and cultures.

If you are clairvoyant, the crystal ball can help you with your senses and help you increase your giftings.


Scrying is found in many books and prophecies and people have been using this in history for years and years for telepathy and other things. Even in early times, looking at crystals was known with the Egyptians, the Iroquois, Chinese and many other different cultural groups but the earliest recorded use was from the Celtic Druids in Ireland and Britain. This early tool was used during the Iron Age but was pretty much forgotten by 600 A.D. during the Christian period.

Those that are educated and are part of ceremonies know Julius Caesar and other Roman philosophers such as Pliny the Elder who were considered gifted and were known to use spheres that were reflective and this is where it is thought that the crystal ball came from.

Some of the earlier balls were made out of beryl and this is important because beryl is a mineral that is reflective and is known to connect with the psychic energies.

The first people that did gazing would look into the stone and they would meditate and go into a trance where they would find out things from the past, present and the future. Some believe that psychics are only gifted in seeing into the future, but the crystal ball can be used as a tool to see in all aspects of time.

Gazing into a translucent or reflective surface and getting messages or information from it is known as scrying and it can be used on fingernails, water, blood, mirrors or anything that is reflective.


Different cultures have used crystal balls for things such as healing and even during the Middle Ages, the balls were used by the Druids and they are thought to have been used during the medieval time by the Anglo-Saxons for magic and just for looks. Some believe that the crystal ball was used by Merlin and King Arthur.

It was during this time that crystal balls were used with wire fasteners so that they could hang places and the people that owned them were considered to have power and strength. These balls were thought to get rid of sicknesses and of evil spirits.

During the medieval times, these were used at graves and were often found in the graves of women that were rich and some men and they would be with their different possessions in their grave. Some believe that they crystal balls were used only by pagan cults.

Crystal Ball

The crystal ball gained more popularity after the Middle Ages and even Queen Elizabeth I had one. She believed in the occult and had a medium and later met a guy named Edward Kelley who showed him what scurrying was and how it could help people to communicate with the spirit world.

It was believed that this ball could fight off demons and these were normally made of obsidian or other dark stones. Some believed that the angels were the way that they talked to the gods and this was why scrying was important to them.

John Dee was the advisor of Queen Elizabeth 1 and he believed that he would get messages from people that have died and from the spirit world when he would use crystal ball scrying.

Political Advice

Some people such as Jeane Dixon was gifted at using the crystal ball even from an earlier age and she was known because of the predictions he did about political things. In 1956, a famous magazine, “Parade Magazine” said that a democrat president would be elected and assassinated and Jeane Dixon was the one that predicted it. She was right because it was JFK.

She also believed that Alec Baldwin would get sick and that Ellen DeGeneres would crash an inauguration of the president and that there would be a World War III. She would carry her ball everywhere she went and spent time in many presidents’ offices such as President Nixon. She even predicted the terrorist attack and joined Nancy Reagan’s trusted astrologers list. After she died, Dixon’s crystal ball sold for over $10,000.

Roma Fortune Telling

One of the best descriptions of the crystal ball comes from a woman that people thought were a gypsy because of the things that she wore such as fancy jewelry, bangles, scarves. She would predict the future and the thing about this is many fortune tellers came from Roma, Italy. The Catholic Church was not happy about this and they believed that fortune telling was wrong.

Roma adopted things that other cultures had with crystal ball readings and the gypsies became some of the most known fortune tellers in the world. Even in Virginia and New York, a law came for those that would trade cash for fortunes.


The crystal ball was a result of the people travelling from Roma, Italy and they were fortune telling and gazing and this was interested to people around them. One performer, Alexander, was known for being a crystal ball reader and he would answer the questions that the audience had, and they were sealed in envelopes even before the show started.

Crystal gazing was always something up for debate and it was questioned because people did not believe that psychics were real, and they thought that the audience was just easily deceived.


Fortune telling machines are found in many different areas and the machines are given money and then the gypsy looking guy with a scarf on will hold a crystal ball and will tell the fortunes of people. This was shown in 1910 and was a big thing with the movie “Big” in 1988 and was called Zoltan Speaks.

The machines were considered evil land creepy and could be worked for just a few pennies at carnivals. Zoltar was even replicated at Coney Island.

Pop Culture

Crystal balls are part of pop culture and they are even seen in “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy takes the mask off of Professor Marvel who has a turban and talks about the crystal and a tornado that is coming. In the next few scenes, the Wicked Witch of the West tells her commands to the giant crystal ball and watches Dorothy and the others on the ball. Once Dorothy is held captive, the Wicked Witch cries and cries as she sees images of Auntie Em in the ball. The crystal ball from the movie sold for over $100,000 which some of the proceeds went to the New Jersey Teen Arts Program.

In the “Labyrinth,” the Jareth the Goblin King would use the crystal ball to mix together things and they weren’t meant to look into the past or future, but they were meant to see dreams. Bowie didn’t use the ball at all, but the juggler showed the ball through the armpits of Bowie.

Crystal Balls for Guidance

When you gaze into the crystal ball it can be seen now in sports, politics, technology, business and other things. It can be used to cast the future and to know what is going on in the spiritual world. This also can be used to heal others and to show the future.

Gina Jean, a scryer, believes that crystal balls should be used for guidance and not looking into the future. You will see that most psychics do not real only crystal balls and they use them just as tools. They also use Tarot cards, palm reading and other tools of divination.

Kim Allen uses her crystal ball when she does readings and she uses two types of balls a crystal quartz and a smoky obsidian ball. She tells her clients to pick the ball that attracts them and to wave their hand over the ball and see where the energy comes from.

When Allen does her reading, she cleanses the ball with Florida Water which is water, alcohol, oils and cologne. This is then buried in the sea salt for a few days and she keeps it on her ball.

The history of the crystal ball is one of the most powerful things in the spiritual world. It is not just finding messages but is rooted in culture and witchcraft. This is very popular and is used in many communities. Psychics do not always use these now and even if they are clairvoyant, they do not need to have a crystal ball and they do not need these for their giftings.

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

Gazing into a crystal ball has been used by many spiritual guides, psychics and healers. This has been a part of life for many, even since ancient times. People that use gazing enter into a meditation state and they can see visions and get messages from the spirit beings. Gazing into a surface that is reflective or translucent is called scrying and this can be done with many kinds of stones and surfaces.

One famous person, Nostradamus, used an Obsidian mirror to do his predictive works. It is recommended that people that begin doing this will first use a clear stone such as a quartz crystal ball or a Smoky quartz crystal ball because they allow you to look at them and they are natural stones.

You have to find out which stone is the best one for you and know which stones you can use for gazing. A natural crystal can really help you to see what kind of psychic powers you have.

Steps for Gazing

When you choose to start gazing, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you cleanse your crystal ball. The crystal ball will pick up energies from the time it is made until the time that it is in your hands. You have to get rid of the negative energies and you should do this at least one day before you use it.


Make sure that you have a quiet space that is relaxing and not distracting. You can burn candles or incense but make sure that the room is quiet and dim. Allow your positive energies to come to your life.

Holding the Ball

Hold the crystal ball with both of your hands and if you have a large crystal ball, you can put it on a stand on the table in front of you. You need to touch the ball so that you can feel the energies and connect with the ball. Put both of your hands on the ball.


Breathe in deep and learn to relax. Also take time when you exhale. Keep doing this until you are able to relax your mind.


Stare or gaze into the crystal ball for a few minutes and allow the visions or messages to come to you. Never try to force the ball to do anything and you can see images in the imperfections of your crystal ball.

Use the images that come to you, in your mind or in the crystal ball to focus on your higher self. Focus on the divine energy and do this as long as you need to.


When you finish your scrying, thank your angels or your spiritual guides for the wisdom that they have given you. Thank them for giving you messages.


Take deep breathes and tell yourself to wake up. Exhale as you do. Once you come from your trance, allow yourself to build up your energies. Reflect on what you have experienced and drink some water to hydrate yourself.

How to Use a Crystal Ball

How to Use a Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are very beautiful, and people are very attracted to their beauty and shape. What is the purpose of a crystal ball and what do crystal spheres do? There are different things that a crystal ball can do to help you and to give you special energies.

Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is considered a perfect shape because it is a circle and equal on all sides. When you use different crystals, you will see that the energy of the ball goes through the whole ball and so the energy can help to direct you.

Using a Crystal Ball

People from ancient times have been using crystal balls as healing tools and they have used them for gazing, fortune telling, scrying, prophecy and more. The ball will impact you when you connect with the energy that it has.

Power of the Crystal Ball

Some people have a large collection of crystal balls because there are so many different ones that can be chosen from.

The crystal ball can have many different healing attributes, based on what kind of crystal it is made from. Crystal balls are perfect in shape, but a real crystal ball will have different imperfections. The ball will be smooth and symmetrical, and they are nice to touch.

You can use the crystal ball for gazing which is when you can see images and help to connect with your higher being. You can also learn to use crystal balls for meditation.

Some crystal balls are made of quartz while others are made of Smoky Quartz, Rainbow Quartz, Amethyst and many other minerals. The type of mineral that is used to make the crystal ball will help to determine its sheen and inclusions.

There are other crystal balls that are opaque such as the Lapis Lazuli or the Jasper, even the Pyrite has vivid patterns when you look at it.

The Tiger’s Eyeball is often a huge crystal ball and it can be made out of Silver Sheen Obsidian or it can be small such as the Aventurine ball?


When you talk about crystal balls, you will hear the word “scrying.” Scrying means that you stare at an object and you allow your intuition to give you information through the ball and to your mind.

There are different kinds of surfaces that you can use for scrying but most of the time people use crystal balls.

Crystal Balls and Fortune Tellers

One of the things that psychics do with crystal balls is fortune telling. Because of the shape of the ball, it can be perfect for gazing and scrying and it can allow you to have a focus point to concentrate on.

There are no edges on a crystal ball and so therefore it is perfect for gazing. You can put the crystal ball in any position, and it can be perfect for gazing.

How Does it Work?

The crystal ball is considered a tool of divination and can help you to find your magical powers within. The stone does not give you any powers, it is the information that comes to you that allows you to use the ball to help you do things such as fortune telling.

The information that you gather will come from you spirit guides or your angels and can help you to connect with your higher self. You can get knowledge in your mind from your higher beings and when you are connected to something such as a crystal ball, it gives you an open mind and allows magic to come to you.

Real Crystal Ball?

There are many crystal balls that are made of glass instead of crystals. These types of balls are clear and are cheaper, but you must know that they are not real crystals. A crystal ball that is perfectly clear will have bubbles in it and will have no imperfections.

A real quartz crystal ball will have imperfections such as dips, inclusions and more. These types of crystal balls are more expensive, but they have great healing properties.

People that think of crystal balls usually think of things that are clear, but the truth is most of the crystal balls are not clear at all, and this is okay.

Some of the natural crystals that are used include chrysocolla balls, cuprite balls, bloodstone balls, rhodonite balls, jade balls ands more. These types of balls have great healing energies.

Even though a person can use gazing and scrying with a glass ball, most people that are psychic prefer having a real crystal ball. They like that their crystal balls have imperfections and they can often see rainbows and patterns in the ball.

The thing with crystal balls is that they take years and years to form and they form by using the energy of the earth. The energy that these crystal balls have help you to improve your imagination when you gaze.

Glass balls that are sold as crystal balls are not real and they are usually made in some kind of factory. They don’t have the same power as a real crystal ball, even though they can be used for some things.

Metaphysical Uses

Here are some ways that you can use your crystal ball to help you in metaphysical practices such as:

Scrying and Gazing

One popular thing to use your crystal ball for is for scrying and gazing. This can be done with any type of stone or crystal ball but just make sure that you are drawn to the crystal ball when you choose it.


A crystal ball can help you with meditating and can help you reach a relaxed state faster. The shape of the crystal ball is easy to hold when you are meditating and depending on what kind of crystal ball you choose, you might have different energies such as healing energies or energies to help you with soul journeys.

Feng Shui

When you put the crystal in a certain spot, you can balance the Feng Shui. This will not work with a store-bought crystal ball but has to be a natural crystal ball that comes from nature. Use this crystal ball in your room or workplace so that you can reap the benefits of it.


There are many stones that are healing stones and a crystal ball can help with healing just the same. Hold the crystal ball in your hands and focus on the healing.

You can hold the crystal ball over your own chakras or someone else’s so that you can help to heal their chakra and increase their aura strength.


If you want to have harmony during a meeting, put the crystal ball in the middle of the table. This can help you to focus and can help you to spread the energies out with everyone in the room. This can allow a meeting to go smoother and for there to be more cooperation.


A crystal ball can be used for many different things such as:


If you choose a crystal ball that is strong, you can use this ball with massage oil and lotion so that you can rub it on your muscles and soothe out your sore spots.

You can do a massage on your own or you can have someone else do it for you.


Another thing that crystal balls can do is to help you get rid of your stress. You can use ones that are small, just a couple of inches, and hold it in the palm of your hands. Carry the stone with you so that you can use it wherever you go and when you need it.


One great thing about crystal balls is that they are very attractive and can be used in your home or office. You can also use these spheres in your garden. If you want to have different balls in your home, pick different sizes and different crystals to have a big collection.

Cleansing and Charging

Cleansing and charging your crystal ball are easy and you can do it the same way that you do other stones. Make sure that you know what kind of crystal that you have so that you can pick a cleansing that is safe for your stone.

If you have Angelite or Selenite, you will not want to put it in water because they are fragile and can break in water. Using quartz or amethyst is okay in water or even in cleaner.

Buying Online

Remember, there are different sizes of crystal balls and they come in different crystals. Look at the different choices and pick which ones are best for you.

You can purchase these balls online but be careful who you buy form so that you can be satisfied with your purchase.

To know which crystal ball is perfect for you, look at all of the different collections such as:

  • Calcite
  • Fluorite
  • Gabbro
  • Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Obsidian
  • Jasper
  • Moonstone
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Serpentine

There are so many different crystal balls that you can buy that you need to really let your intuition guide you and help you to make the right choice.

Your Crystal Ball

If you have a crystal ball, you can try different things with your crystal ball and see how its power can help you. Remember, the power lies within you and not within the ball.

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls

If you are new to the psychic realm or if you have always just been curious about how to use a crystal ball, the first thing that you want to know is that you have to use your psychic senses in order to see the crystal ball really work for you. Remember to use your intuition to help guide you in all things.

Choosing a Ball

A real crystal ball is something that is very beautiful, and it is very unique. Like a snowflake, there will be no two crystal balls that are the same. You can find different spheres that are made of glass that look exactly the same and these can be used for crystal ball reading or scrying, but they do not have the same kind of power as a real crystal ball.

A crystal ball is imperfect, and it will have cracks and imperfections that you can see, and this is what makes the ball precious and unique. The crystal ball is made of quartz and if you can find one that is completely clear, it is not really quartz but glass.

A real crystal is hardly ever clear because of the imperfections that it has but the imperfections are what help psychics to focus on the images that come to the ball.

When you choose a crystal ball or any other kind of crystal, you need to make sure that you use your intuition to help to guide you. Make sure that you find a crystal that calls to you and feels completely perfect to you and that you feel connected to it.

One of the most common crystal balls are made of clear quarts. This has natural energy and can amplify your psychic giftings such as your clairvoyance.

There are other types of crystal spheres that can be used as a crystal ball such amethyst spheres or other crystals. These kinds of crystal balls are good for healing, for love, for fears, addictions, past issues and more. These types of crystal balls work well if you are dealing with different kinds of issues such as family problems or self-esteem problems.


One thing to know is that size doe does not matter. There are some crystal balls that are huge and cost a lot of money, but the truth is that you do not need that kind of ball for the ball to show you its magic. You can choose a small, medium or large ball, depending on what kind of money you want to spend.

What is Inside

It is not the ball that has the magic it is what is inside of you that is important.  You always need to make sure that you have your crystal ball cleansed so that you can get rid of the negative energies in the ball. This is easy and you can do it simply by just picturing the crystal ball to be surrounded by a white light. This will cleanse your ball. You can also say a simple prayer when you imagine this such as, “Dear angels, please come and take away all of the negative energies from my crystal ball and cleanse it. Please raise the vibrational frequency of this ball so that it can help me to know what you want me to know.

When you do this, also take time to imagine a white light surrounding you. You can make sure that you and your crystal ball are cleansed when you imagine yourself and your ball surrounded by the white light.


The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you are using your crystal ball in an environment that is full of positive energy and is peaceful.

If you are a beginner, you need to find a room that is quiet and where you can concentrate without being interrupted or distracted. You might want to light incense or light candles and put on some quiet music to help you relax.

Choose a room that has hardly any light and this can allow you to see visions and to pay attention to what the crystal is trying to say to you. If you choose a candle, choose a white one so that you can have peace and purity.

Once you are comfortable with the white candle, you can experiment with colored candles that can help you with your spiritual giftings and help you to stay calm and seek the truth.

When someone does a crystal reading, they are called scryers. They might use different scents during a reading such as frankincense, sage, sandalwood or more to help raise the vibrations. There are other scents that can be used such as jasmine, magnolia, pine, rose and more. The smoke can help you to see what the crystal ball wants to show you.

Prepare Yourself

Make sure that you have a positive state of mind and that you are grounded. Sometimes it is best to be quiet, especially if you are a beginner because this allows your mind not to be so active. You can also take time to mediate to help you relax or take a salt bath. Doing this can help to center you.


Having expectations is good but having too many expectations can cause you to not be open minded. You might only see things that are the outcome instead of seeing things that are coming to you or helpful to you.

Once you begin, make sure that you clear away your expectations and keep an open mind. Let the spirit guides know that you have questions and that you want to get some answers.


Make sure that you pay attention to what the crystal ball wants to tell you. Hold it in the hand that you are dominate with and sit where the table is at a good height for where you can look into the ball for a long period of time.

Allow yourself to relax and make sure that you sit very still, doing this can cause you to learn to ground your mind and your mental state.

Say a short prayer and allow positive things to enter the space that you are sitting in. Ask your spirit guides or your angels to help you.

Take time to close your eyes and focus on your third eye and let it become activated. Make sure that you are imagining that you are sitting in front of a movie screen, but the screen is the crystal ball.

Breathe in deep and relax and allow anything negative to leave your thoughts. Let positive energies come to you and get rid of negative energies while you bring positive energies in.

Focus on the third eye and look into the crystal ball and let the ball draw you in. Take time to focus your eyes until they become out of focus but keep your mind on the crystal ball in front of you, without blinking or closing your eyes.

The crystal might become smoky or get darker but whatever happens, make sure that you are focusing on the changes and that you are keeping your mind clear. Sometimes when a new psychic or crystal reader sees this, they get too excited and they cause their mind to lose concentration and can lose the connection they have with the ball.

Ask questions when you look into the ball.

What to Know

You may get a mental picture or see some kind of pictures when you look at the ball. These images can happen in your mind or they can actually appear on the ball.

There might be things that you see in the crystal or things that you see in your mind and this can cause you to be tingly or to feel numb. This is raising your vibrations and it can cause you to have more energy than you had when you started because your angels are bringing this energy to you.

You can practice doing things like holding the crystal ball and tuning into the energy of the crystal. Crystals are easy to connect with and if you meditate while holding a crystal you can connect with it. You do not have to take time at the moment to interpret what you see, just allow the energies to surround you and to connect with you.

You and the Spirit World

Pay attention to the different sensations and pictures that you saw. Notice what you are feeling and notice what you are seeing but make sure that you do not judge yourself or try to change or question what you saw.

When the pictures begin to disappear, you have done all that your mind will allow you to do on this session, allow your mind to return to normal on the physical plane and you will notice that your energy is shifting. Let your eyes refocus and take in deep breaths.

Remember that you can tune into your psychic information when you use a crystal ball. Learn to have fun and to allow the ball to talk or speak to you. Use this type of tool for divination and keep practicing until you are able to do this smoothly.

Let go of the expectations that you have and if its images do not appear to you right away then take time and keep practicing. Focus and learn to match the vibrations of the ball with your own energies.

When your connection is stronger, you will begin to see changes as you look into the crystal ball. Thank your angels for helping you and always remember to surround yourself with white light.

Using a Crystal Ball

Using a Crystal Ball

When you want to use a crystal ball, one of the first things that you need to think about is the area that you are going to practice using your crystal ball. Make sure that you have a room that is dark or has very little light. Play some quiet music in the background and burn some incense. Make sure that the light and the smell infiltrates your mind.


Make sure that you have the crystal ball sat in front of a candle. This can give you some additional light. You can also use a candle that has a colored flame so that you can bring peace to the room. Purple or blue are a good choice.


You can use incense in your room, and this is something that can be a tradition or your own thing. Try incense such as Sage, Frankincense and Sandalwood.


When you are going to do any kind of reading, you need to make sure that the area is prepared. Try to talk to the spirit guides and let your noise be minimal. Think with your mind and speak to them.

When your spirit guide wants to give you information, you can be aware of this in your mind and you need to remain quiet and think on what they say to you.

Take time to reflect on what they are saying to you. Ask them to guide you and learn to relax. You can even do something relaxing beforehand such as go for a walk barefoot in nature or take a salt bath. Let the calmness and peace come into you and take away your troubles before you do your reading.

What to Expect

You should expect things to happen because expecting things is looking forward to something, but the problem is that when some people expect, they expect there to be a certain outcome. You should not expect things to go a certain way because you need to let the spirit give you the answers that are true.


Take time to practice gazing into the ball. Practice until you are able to discipline yourself to be patient and to be relaxed. Once you feel this patience, you can exercise doing this and keep trying until you can be quiet and relaxed.

When the room is lit and the incense is burning, you can sit comfortably in an area where you can hold the crystal ball with both of your hands.

If you decided to light a candle behind it, it will give you a chance to see into the ball. Look into the ball for a few minutes and allow your eyes to adjust to the area and the ball.

How does the crystal ball make you feel?  Do you feel connected to the ball or do you feel that you have something moving inside of you? Do you have a tingling feeling? Put the ball back onto the stand and let the reading start.

The crystal ball should sit in the stand in front of you where you can stare at it at a comfortable height. Try not to blink or look away and gaze at it as long as you can. Let your mind be clear.

When you look deeply into the ball, a mist should form, and it means that you have made a connection with the spirit world. Be very still and let the door to the other side open. Keep staring and stay calm and relaxed. When the mist clears, you can allow yourself to see pictures that form in the ball.

There might be images that pop up that you did not expect to see, and these can be strong messages to you. You might see a single picture or have a feeling and you need to try to make sense of what the picture is trying to tell you.

Do not stop concentrating and do not jump to conclusions. Let the picture tell you what it means and when the images fade, it is time for you to consider what you just saw. You may notice that you are very thirsty and tired once the pictures go away.


Once you see the images fade, take a drink of water to give you energy and write down what you saw. Put this on a piece of paper and write down all that you noticed.


Reading a crystal ball and gazing into it takes a lot of practice. You may have to do it over and over again and you need to be very patient. Allow your mind to be quiet and clear when you are gazing into the crystal ball sot that you can allow your mind to be free and see more images. The crystal ball will be like a movie screen for you.

Our mind is very receptive and accepts what it is feeling and hearing without stopping it. Sometimes we do not even know what we can get out of the ball and our mind will absorb everything that it comes in contact with.

This happens because our mind is part of our body that connect with our higher self and this allows us to be more conscious of what is going on in our lives.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

When you think of the Law of Attraction, you need to understand that this is something that is drawn to itself. The Law of Attraction goes hand in hand with the Law of Vibration where it says that everything is full of energy no matter if it is living or an object. The energy creates a vibrational energy that allows you to flow out a frequency that will manifest in your life depending on what you are doing.

When you understand the Law of Vibration, you can then understand the Law of Attraction. This attraction is all around you and once you understand it, you will be able to recognize when it is surrounding you and when you experience things that fall in this law. Nothing happens for no reason; it happens because you attract the energy to make it happen.

How it Works

The Law of Attraction works differently for different people because people make their own realities. They attract different things and when you are aware of it, you can be more in control of what you want in your life. When you have a negative thought, it does not mean that will happen because everyone falls short, but you have to focus on where your attention goes. If you have a negative thought while you are sleeping, it does not mean that you will be in bed with a dragon or something bad.


When you are always letting out negative energies or thoughts, and you want something else like happiness, you have a battle going on with what you want and what you are attracting. You become stuck and things that you do not want in your life come to you because you are not aware that you are calling it forth.

Even though you may not understand or even know that the Law of Attraction exists, it has power of your life and what you experience and once you begin to pay attention to where your attention goes, you will have more control over what happens in your life.

There is nothing that you want that you cannot have and nothing that you cannot achieve once you set your mind to it.


When you try to change your thoughts, this is hard, instead, pay attention to your feelings. When you have negative feelings and you want to have a positive emotion, change your thought pattern to go to something that makes you feel better.

Pay attention to what you are feeling, and this can help you to control your mind more and let you think on things that you want instead of what you do not want.

Using the Law of Attraction

Everything that you see and everyone that you know has a vibrational frequency that they bring to you. The signals have to match before the Law of Attraction can happen and even when people look and act different, they can still be attracted to one another because of their vibrational frequencies are the same.

If you want to find a soulmate or a person that is kind and loving towards you, you have to have the same traits in order for them to attract towards you.

You can create the reality that you want by learning to control your emotions. Write down on paper what you desire in your life or put pictures up on your wall. Do not think that your imagination is not important, you have to learn to picture the life that you want to attract it to yourself.

Once you figure out what you want, act as if you are already in charge of that life and that you are getting what you want. Manifest your life dreams and see what comes to you.

Removing Energy Blocks

Removing Energy Blocks

Whether you want to believe your home is energy block free or not, there are blocks. Unless regular smudging and other cleansing techniques are used, there are probably certain areas in your home that are keeping  you from moving forward in specific areas of life. However, we are largely under quarantine so this is a great time to change those blocks. Though being stuck at home can be emotionally exhausting and we may want it to end yesterday, lightworkers understand that this time is important for self-healing and contributing to healing part of the universe as a whole. Since this is the case, we do our part and stay inside.

However, this does not mean that this forced time cannot be used advantageously. Some may choose to use the time to meditate more or practice psychic exercises. Some may jumpstart a personal power by removing energy blocks that have accumulated, but so far been ignored. If this is the case, we can help you get started.

Sensing Energy Blocks

Before taking on energy blocks, you have to be able to find them. While some are easy to recognize, others are a bit more difficult to sense. It is much more difficult to find energy blocks when there is too much going on around the area. You may struggle to find the block if:

  • The television is on, even in the background
  • New about the pandemic is on all the time
  • Loud music is playing
  • Social media has your attention
  • Others are in the room using any form of digital communication

This boils down to a need to shut everything off in order to tackle energy problems. Sit still, in silence to sense the feelings with everything off. If you can enjoy this, then it is a positive sign. However, if you get uncomfortable or distracted, then there is an energy issue.

Common Sources

When it comes to energy blocks, there are a few places it is more likely to occur. These will be described below.

Memories and Mementos

If you store things with emotions attached to them, good and bad, then these items hold energy. They are meaningful, but can take you back and hold you in a previous emotional time. If you rarely view the item(s) and they are hidden in a closet somewhere, question why. If it is because of the emotions stirred up when around it, then it may be time to cleanse that energy.

Cluttered Area

If you have a room or area that always seems to collect junk, like a desk, drawer, or closet, then energy is not able to get through this area. In fact, it is likely you have not tackled this are because you can feel the energy around it. Another major source of this energy block is bags and boxes that have not been used for many years and are collecting dust. Get rid of it and clear the energy for the area.

Avoided Rooms

When a home has good energy, you feel good no matter which room you happen to be in at the moment. If there is an area you subconsciously avoid because of memories or general feelings, then a block is likely present. If a whole room seems to have a block, start with that room.

Solving Blockages

Now that the problem areas have been identified, we can correct them. Start by eliminating things that cause the blocks or at least distancing yourself from them. Try going through a drawer and tossing everything that has not been used in a year. Even if just tossing the things you no longer want, you will likely feel lighter. Expand this to all the areas that feel blocked.

There will be times we run across boxes of sentimental things that do not make us feel good, but we cannot toss. This is often those things from loved ones who have passed on. While these may cause grief at the moment, that grief will pass and feelings change. In cases like this, put them in a garage or storage building where you do not constantly feel the energy effects.

There is also the option of using metaphysical means to clear a given space. Try smudging your house, especially where blockages are sensed. There are also crystals like black tourmaline or black obsidian that can lessen negative energy for certain blocks. Place these in blocked areas as part of décor.

Gift of Intuition

Gift of Intuition

Having intuition is a great gift and no matter what kind of beliefs that you have, the truth is that you can use this gift as fully as you want to. Some people have a natural sense of intuition and are able to use its power without even realizing that they are. Sometimes it happens to where it becomes a natural thing and they do not even realize they are doing it.

It will feel natural and be a part of their thinking. For other people though, using intuition is something that they have a hard time relating to because they do not understand it, or they forget what kind of power it gives them.

It is not a surprise that our culture has caused us to be programmed more towards logic and thinking than it does towards intuition or imagination. This is not something that is taught in schools and there is no real guidance on using your right brain skills when you are young or when you get older.

There are some steps that can help people to open up more and to become more in tune with their gift of intuition:

Saving the Energy

Intuition will help to save you energy and is not something that is strenuous like analytical thinking is. Intuition is something that we think about outside of the box and we will get the answer immediately. This is something that you just know without having to study.

Solving Problems

Intuition can help you to solve problems., Maybe you are having a hard time finding a solution to something and no matter which way you look at it, the problem seems hard because you are not able to get your mind to get the answer. Listening to your intuition helps you to solve problems that seem unsolvable.

Finding the Way

Using intuition can give you directions when you are lost. Being lost in the real world makes you become vulnerable to ways to find your way back. It is good to be vulnerable to your intuitive skills so that you can find your way spiritually as well.

Saving You

When you try to be rational, you can get less answers than if you are just trying to be understanding. You are not always able to just predict things when you analyze but intuition allows you time because it lets you to feel things and not to move away from it.


Relationships need help sometimes or can be disastrous and so if you want to have a good relationship that keeps going, use your intuitive skills and you will see your time improved.

You can develop your intuition by staging, understanding the process and by reinforcing it.


When you begin to stage, you will prepare yourself from bad habits. You will train your mind to be open and to think outside of the box. Following routines will become a different tune and you will learn to change your route and do things you normally don’t do.


Intuition will allow you to talk to yourself in a happy and playful way. It will be strict with you when necessary, but you will always know that it is on your side. Be gentle with yourself.


Learn to trust your instincts and your gut feeling. These are there for a reason and when you learn to go deeper in your mind, you will realize you can sync this with what is going on in your life.


Everyone needs to have space and when you give yourself some, your intuition will increase, and you will break habits that are not good for you.

You will learn to converse more with yourself and trust the decisions that you make. Intuition is there to give you space inside and to help you past beliefs that are not for you.

Understanding the Process

You have to learn to be ready and to face your intuition. This is not something that you can just stop having or put on hold while you do other things. You will not have free time away from your intuition and you will have to learn to live in the present and always be ready for it.

Point of View

Intuition allows you to change your point of view to where they are clearer and where you are able to change what you are focusing on.

You will spend more time focusing on things that are higher in your life and things that you can do to be better.


You should always listen to what your body is trying to tell you. You have gut feelings for a reason and the reason is so that you can make good choices. If you feel like your chest is tightening when you are going somewhere, take it as a sign.

Learn to form a habit of listening to your body and listening for signs. Doing this will help you to be more sensitive.

Asking Things

Intuition will help you to know what questions you should ask. It will help you to have your attention on the right questions at the right times.

Sometimes you will get an idea about something that is not clear, and you need a clear answer. Intuition will help you to know what question to ask.


Always be ready to focus on what your body is telling you and to listen to your body. This is a great way to reinforce your intuition and to tune in to what your body is telling you. Learn to trust your own vibes and to use visualization to help you.


Having gratitude is important and goes hand in hand with intuition. Your spirit guides will want you to be grateful for what you have happening around you and for what is going on in your heart. Always make sure that you take time to value things in your life that help you to live a better life and a more fulfilled situation.

4 Ritual Ways to Elevate Your Sex Life

4 Ritual Ways to Elevate Your Sex Life

Many may want to juice up the sexual chemistry between themselves and their partner. This is especially true if you’ve spent years together. There are ways to get out of the routine of life and sex, and herbal remedies may be just the thing to empower your love life.

Some rituals also can be used to increase your lovemaking potency. While some may not believe or wish to do a spell,  a key component of the rituals is that it psychology boosts your confidence. So, doing something ritualistic may psychologically change your perception about yourself and your partner to the extent that it enhances lovemaking.

Below are four ways you can use herbs to increase your love potency:

  1. Sexual Empowerment

This can be used for either a man or a woman. You will need either a male or female designated red candle, musk oil, musk incense, and dried jasmine flowers.

This is stated as a spell and takes several days to accomplish. You start this during a waxing moon by carving the name of the person targeted (either yourself or your partner) into the candle. Then you put a drop of musk oil on it and stroke the oil nine times from the base to the top of the candle.

Then you pass the candle through the musk smoke from the incense what stating that you are empowering the person with love potency and that you will it.

Put the candle on a fireproof surface and sprinkle the flowers around it before lighting it. Let it burn down a half-inch to an inch. As it burns, think about the perfect sensual relationship. Do this every night until only a candle stub is left. Then place the stub under your pillow or put in a red mojo bag to carry as you travel.

  1. Bath Ritual

This involves patchouli root, a Pomba Gira candle, and perfume like Afrodita Mystic Musk Oil, Hechizo Gitano, Garrapata Extract, or Amarra Hombre, if you are trying to attract a man.

Boil the room, strain, and add to bathwater. Take a bath, visualizing your incredible sexual energy. Get out, air dry, and light the candle. Then put on perfume.

  1. The Root of Power

The High John the Conqueror room is known to boost strength and confidence. It is used by those handling court cases most often but can be helpful in lovemaking too. You can bathe in the bath salt, anoint yourself with the oil, and dust yourself with the powder. Stating a mantra while you do this can also help increase your confidence.

  1. A Couple’s Ritual

This is an involved ritual for a couple to set the mood. It involves jasmine tea, nutmeg, sugar, glasses, and a candle.

Brew the tea and add about a quarter teaspoon of the nutmeg to the tea bag or infuser. Sweeten it to your taste when done. Let it coll and then rim each glass with a mixture of brown sugar and nutmeg. By the way, nutmeg is a natural aphrodisiac.

Fill the glasses with the tea and place them on either side of the candle.

As a couple, light the candle and join hands. Then say:

May the warmth of this candle increase the warmth between us

May our union be filled with pleasure and joy

By jasmine flower and fragrant nutmeg, may our love be strong and our passion bright.

Then lick the sugar and drink the tea.

These types of things may help those who are lacking in understanding of how to fulfill their partner’s intimate needs. They add sensuality and natural herbs to have chemicals that help with various aspects of both the body and mind.

Why Psychics Matter

Why Psychics Matter

Psychics, when they are credible can be invaluable assets to help us process key moments in our lives.  Going to a reading is simple, and typically only takes about an hour.  However, during this hour you can get immense clarity and peace of mind.

Psychics have the ability to know where you work and the impact it has on both your life and society.  They also have insights into special dates for you and your loved ones as well as knowing key details about financial or property matters within your family.  Mediums also have the added skill of being able to talk to spirits or divine beings, which can provide you with comfort to know that your deceased loved one is truly not that far away.

The public often is quick to dismiss the talents of a psychic.  Instead, slandering them as hucksters who manipulate people’s emotions and profit on times of profound distress or anxiety.  This is why it is important to first vet a potential seer to ensure you are getting an accurate and helpful reading.  Legitimate psychics are able to harness the mystical spiritual forces that swirl around us to help people makes sense of the chaos that is daily living.  When selecting a psychic, trust the power of your intuition.

Listening to your inner wisdom is also critical during a reading to process what information is most relevant to you to gain the necessary perspective to craft a meaningful action plan for attaining the goals of your session.  Make sure you write down as many details of a readings as possible.  Sometimes information that doesn’t seems pertinent at the moment is because it is not yet time for the power of this feedback to manifest.  You may get insight into a pivotal job or person that is years away from entering your life.  However, having these notes handy can make sense of a future crossroad and give you vital peace of mind and you make the next steps forward in your life’s journey.