Do Psychic Abilities Run in Families?

Do Psychic Abilities Run in Families?

I’m often asked if psychic and mediumship abilities are inherited. I consider my skills to be abilities, not gifts. I always make this distinction clear in conversations. The word “gift” implies a special talent that isn’t given to everybody. I believe that psychic and mediumship abilities are given by God and are part of our birthright. Therefore, calling it an “ability” seems most appropriate, implying a skill that may be developed.

My family includes 13 healers and Reiki Masters, as well as multi-generational psychic mediumship all the way from my paternal great-grandparents down through my kids. For example, as a young man, my great-grandfather walked past an apartment building on his late-night walk home from work. Every night he could see, through the window, the same little girl sliding down the long wooden banister of the two-story staircase inside. It was so late every night when he saw the little girl that he thought she should’ve already been in bed.

So, one night, when he saw a woman sitting on that building’s stoop, he asked her where the little girl’s parents were. The woman was confused, as no children were living in the building at the time. My great-grandfather described the little girl’s appearance, which shocked the woman. She then explained that a five-year-old girl who fit his description used to live in the building. The little girl died when she fell off the banister and broke her neck while sliding down it.

But that didn’t stop my grandfather from seeing her!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to feel, hear, and see spirits. According to my parents, I communicated with spirits in our home when I was just two years old. My two kids have sensed, heard, and seen spirits since they were that age, too. They can identify family members in pictures even though the people in the pictures died long before my kids were born.

At first glance, psychic abilities and mediumship may appear to run in families, but exploring more deeply, we find that’s not necessarily the case. For example, in my family, it would be natural to conclude that those abilities were inherited and passed down along the family line. But we don’t have a way of knowing how those abilities manifested before my great-grandfather’s time.

Also, the abilities seem to have skipped over my grandfather and mother. So, if generations get skipped, how can the abilities be inherited? The answer, of course, is that the abilities are innate components of the make-up of our souls, placed there by the Divine. Our decision to develop them depends on each of us—on our ability to release the fears and doubts that bind us.

Awareness and Encouragement

My kids are growing up in a home where communication with spirits is common and quite normal. If they feel sick, they place their hands on their bodies to balance their energies. My kids are learning how they can use their psychic and mediumship abilities as assets that can impact their incarnate lives on Earth.

It’s common for young kids to see the spirits of loved ones who have passed. However, if children grow up in a home that oppresses their spiritual openness and discourages them from seeking and experiencing spiritual energies, those kids will shut themselves down from awareness.

My kids have next to no fear regarding spiritual energies. If they pick up on energy that has uncomfortable vibes, they’ll command it to go away. If they experience any issues with this, they know they can involve me to help them clear it. Since I perform a daily energy clearing in our home, such negative spiritual intrusions rarely are a problem.

As soon as somebody in a family fully embraces their spiritual abilities, other souls will notice that openness and make more connections. Therefore, it’s likely that my grandchildren will also be psychics, healers, and mediums.

Our spiritual abilities generally will lie dormant until we embrace and engage them. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, shedding our fears opens us up to the magnificent and ever-present energy in the world all around us. Like spreading their wings, embracing our abilities allows us to peacefully fly about the world and enjoy all the sweet nectar life has to offer!