Real Signs of Love

Real Signs of Love

True love is like having the perfect relationship.  You can see if your love is true by the following signs:

    • When you can only keep your eyes on your partner.
    • When you look at them, you feel like your heart skips a beat.
    • Takes time.
    • Isn’t just lust.
    • Is not an infatuation.
    • Has a strong connection.
    • Sexual arousal is very strong.

When you wonder what true love is, you need to know that to have true love, things need to go slow, and the relationship needs to build.

When you first start dating, this isn’t love; this is just a feeling.  Even if you are crazy for someone, you aren’t really in love.  You are just in the first part of love, the part where you are attracted to them, and they arouse you.

True love is something that is not really defined; it is a love that we all want and chase after.

True love is when you have someone who isn’t there because of what you have, but they like you for what you are and understand you.  You are angry at them when they hurt you, but when they do something great, you are proud of them and never jealous or rude.  You don’t let your ego take over.

When you find someone you truly love, your behavior changes, and you become a better person because you have found someone special.

When Does True Love Happen?

True love takes time to happen, and it isn’t right away in any relationship.  If you think you are in love with someone that you just met, you are more than likely to experience arousal or infatuation.  When these feelings begin to fade, you might experience problems in the relationship, and you might argue or fight.  This is when real love starts to come into the picture.  This can be a turning point where you turn away from each other, or you break up because you feel that you are not compatible.

If you both understand each other and feel that you should be together after this stage, chances are, you are on your way to true love.

Having True Love

True love is not something that can only happen once.  You might experience this over and over again in life, and you might have this happen with your spouse or with another partner.  In addition, you will feel true love for your children and your family members.

True love can change as time goes on, and those of us who have experienced true love know that love can be special and heartbreaking.  But when you find true love, you aren’t afraid to try new things, and you aren’t afraid of things ending badly.  People know in their hearts that true love is there, and they become fearless.

When you are with someone, and the relationship becomes sour or the love begins to fade, it can take years to get over that relationship.  It can cause people to split or cause people not want to love anymore.

You might decide that a relationship will not ever reach true love, and what happens in your life can change how you feel about true love.

When you wonder if true love and romance are the same, they aren’t; even though romance plays a big role in love, you cannot base love on just sex.

Forcing It

You cannot force true love.  True love has to be something you want, which comes naturally.  You cannot fake it, and you cannot experience true love unless your heart is pure and you understand that you have to relate and communicate with your partner in order to find real love.

True love comes when you and your partner want to be together all of the time, and you get a bond that is selfless and all about your partner.

Signs of True Love

True love is not easy to define, but you will know if you have true love in your relationships by these signs:

  • Give and Get

With true love, you are able to give love, and you are able to receive love back from your partner.  You will have the desire to please them, and you will show this with your actions.

  • Happiness

True love brings you happiness, and just by being with your partner, you find that you are happy and smiling all the time.

  • Pain and Hurt

You might get hurt when you are upset with your partner, but they will never make you downright angry.  You will get aggravated at them for a few minutes, but you will not be able to stay mad at them for long.

  • Giving

When you find true love, you want to give of yourself completely.  You will do whatever it takes to make your partner happy.

  • Effort

True love brings effort, and you will improve yourself and try your best to please your partner and to make them feel loved.

  • Hurt

You will never hurt your partner or want to pay them back for what they do.  Likewise, you will never want to see someone else hurt them.

  • Keep Your Word

When you make promises, you will stick to them and never break your promise to your partner.  When you have true love, you will be strong and morally right towards them.

  • Us

A true love relationship is not a me and they but an us.  The relationship becomes one bond, and you become closer each and every day.  Your partner becomes part of your present and your future.

  • Sharing

You and your partner will share everything, even in suffering.  If there is a burden, you and your partner will share it together.

  • Pride

You will always be proud of your partner and happy when they do something great.

  • Jealousy

When you are jealous, it will never be of your partner.  Instead, you will want them to do well, and when they do, you will support them and be happy for them.

  • Suffer

You will suffer if you have to in order to see them happy.

  • Their Point of View

When your partner has an idea or a different point of view, you will listen to them.  Then, you will plan your ideas in ways that it will make your partner happy and will not upset them.  Finally, you let them be involved in the decision-making in life.

  • True Love

If you are in a relationship and you don’t feel that you are experiencing the signs of true love, chances are you aren’t, or you might not have given the relationship enough time.  This is because true love takes time, and you have to make it past the part of infatuation before you can ever reach true love.

Take time and see if you and your partner fall in love.  You cannot force this, and you cannot make something work out that isn’t meant to be.  If your love doesn’t bring you happiness, you might need to take some time off and date other people.

If you feel that you are both happy, don’t try to change things.  Be selfless and love no matter what.  Let the perfect love come.  Try to understand your partner and help them to understand you.  Soon, you might find that you are experiencing true love.