What is a Clairempath?


Clairempath is part of the word Clair which means clear and the Greek word pathos which means to have a passion. When you put these things together, it can mean to have a clear mind of suffering or a clear passion.

Being a clairempathic is someone that is able to feel the emotions of other people and to know their pain, but it also is where they can know that things are happening in the world around them without someone telling them.

There is a difference between having empathy and being empathetic. Being empathetic means that you are able to know what someone is feeling and thinking, and you can understand them but being empathetic to someone means that you are compassionate and caring.

If you are someone that is an empath, you will know that the person you are talking to is sad, angry, or happy. You can know when someone that you love is going through something hard and you can help them to work through their emotions.

Being an empathetic person means that you are compassionate about what someone feels, and you feel that you should help them any way that you can.

Being an empath is something that can leave your heart broken and cause you to feel that you are overwhelmed. It can make you feel the negativity when you go to a certain place or it allows you to even feel the pain that someone is experiencing in their body.

The biggest difference between being an empath and being empathetic is that you are not able to experience the situation on a one on once basis as an empathetic person, but you can do this when you are an empath.

Bine clairempathic and clairsentience are also different things. The idea of being clairsentient is that you are able to pic up on the energy of those around you and sometimes even of things.

This can be complicated because this is also part of being a clairempathic.

Being an Empath

When you are an empath, you pick up the feelings and emotions of those around you. You connect with the people and their energies and you feel their emotions.

You can also have empathy for plants. When this happens, you are able to feel what the trees, plants and other things are feeling. If they have something negative, you will feel it.

Animals can also need your empathic gifting. If you are around an animal, you might feel connected to that animal and know what it is feeling and what emotions it has.

Physical Empath

A physical empath can happen when you are around people and you feel connected to them. You might see that you will know if they are hurting physically or if they are feeling bad in their spirit. You can even tell if someone is hungry or thirsty.

Being a physical empath for plants means that you know when a plant needs watered or if they are dry. Sometimes you will know that they need to be fed or put in the sun.

Being a physical empath for an animal means that you will know their energy and you will know if they are cold, sad or if they are too hot or in pain.

Being an earth empath means that you know that the earth has pains, and you want to work to make the earth better. When there are chemical spills and other things, you feel the pain of the earth.

As an empath for a collective, you can feel the energies of people as you feel your own energies. You will know if someone is hurting, sad or angry. You will feel when natural disasters happen, and you will have a hard time handling that energy.

Different Gifts

There are different gifts that you can have all at one time. You might not know what your gift is but if you feel pain for people or things around you, chances are that you are an empath. You will see that the world needs you and you can help it.

People are beginning to know that they are psychic and that they have certain giftings. They are beginning to help others and help the world. They are powered to do what is good and to take care of things that they need to take care of.

People think that being an empath is a curse but if you learn to handle your gift, you can see that you can handle it and make the world better.


People often believe that they have a mental disorder even though they are really just clairempath’s. They might feel depressed or sad, but they are just not embracing their giftings.

Once they learn who they are and what they can do, they learn to understand what is going on in their life. They understand that they have a gift, and they realize that they can help others. This is how they can use their energies to heal and to focus on making life better.

You can link your emotions to other people, and you can find healing in this. If you are an empath, you need to make sure that you are safe. Here are some ways:

  • Know if the emotions are yours or someone else’s.
  • Find out if your feelings are just yours or if you have picked up the emotions of things around you.
  • If the emotions aren’t yours, you need to ground yourself and make sure that you take time to rest.
  • Find out if the feelings are yours and if it isn’t, it is not your job to take the problem to yourself.
  • Know that you are loved.
  • Know that the universe has unconditional love for you.